New Goalkeeping Coach needed

The world of football can appear crazy at time,  to add to this crazy world today City announced that Goalkeeping Coach Tony Parkes has left Norfolk to link up with Tim Sherwood at Villa Park, they both worked together at Spurs, he will also join up with ex City coach Mark Robson who was sacked from his role alongside Neil Adams a short while ago.

City are said to be hoping to find a replacement very soon,  some names that no doubt we will hear will be, Andy Marshall who was at Villa during Paul Lambert's reign, also Hamilton goalkeeping coach Brian Potter who replaced Craig Coyle last month both will be known to Alex Neil.

Troy, Jumps Out of the Pram

O come on Mr Deeny,  stop sobbing and get on with life,  if you can honestly say that in your career you have not taken a easy tumble to give your side an advantage, then I believe you may be telling porkies.   As for all the other "woe is us, everybody is against us" bleating. There is not a team in any level of football that cannot repeat what you are saying. 

It happens in football, it happens in many other sports  grow up and get on with it,  why not start at home and look at yourself, had a off day. Did We ?   Then take a look at Norwich City yesterday, they came with a plan and executed it perfectly to deny you and your team from playing.   Wasn't the onus on you as the home team ?     OK the penalty was dubious, but the other two goals were top notch strikes, if we take the penalty away it is still a defeat of 2 nil. 

Your team still had the same amount of time as City did to claw your way back,  or are you honestly saying that when you went one down in questionable circumstances, that you admit defeat and give up the match as lost ?    If so thank god you are not in my team.

You were out done by a far better team, a manager who worked out your set up and then set up to counteract that, plus exploit your weaknesses that displayed... it worked 100% .  

For gawd's sake stop bleating and put that frustration and anger into your next game and work for your team.

Outstanding and Convincing Away Day Success

An outstanding victory, with goals from Grabban 2 and Jerome gave City a terrific win at previously free scoring Watford.  Full marks to Alex Neil making the changes to a winning team to stop Watford playing and scoring, it could not have worked any better.  Grabban could easily had a hat trick when he shot straight at the keeper, and  Johnson was unlucky to see a header excellently saved by the home keeper.

A word must go for Steven Whittaker who had an outstanding game, he has all too often been on the recieving end of abuse from the City following, while Grabban and Jerome will get the plaudits  Whittaker deserves  a special mention.

With Middlesbro losing earlier in the day Bournemouth losing to Brentford and more importantly those down the Road losing at home to Reading.  City move up to 5th and one point behind our local rivals with the Derby game between the two side next sunday. 

So much has been said about Watford only having 10 men when City beat them earlier in the season by the same the score,  that is finally put to bed,  turning up and doing the same to them on their home patch

Dorrans For a Month, Can he Return

As many of us expected to happen, Graham Dorrans has signed on loan,  what has surprised me is the length of the period  28 days .  I fully expected a full 93 day deal.  We said in an earlier post that enabling Dorrans to be here for any play off games he would have to be signed on the 22nd of Feb.

I am unsure of the rules pertaining to loans, whether we can resign him again for the remaining time (65 days)f left  on a 93 day deal  after a period back at his parent club. I believe that if we can sign him again we would have to do so before the 31st March.  Which would take him up to June 6th  well covering all the play offs.  Then we would expect him to be signed full time.

There use to be a rule and I take it still in force,   that a player can only only play for two clubs in any season,  so having played for WBA and will play for City,  as I said , if the rule still stands he cannot be signed and play for another club.

I notice Bournemouth were also trying to sign Dorrans on Monday, perhaps that is why City acted quickly having their hand forced a little. 

If anyone does know drop us an email while we dig around for clarification

Dorrans. Neil faces a Dilemma

According to the Daily Mail City's interest in WBA midfielder Graham Dorrans is still proceeding with the player said to be in discussions with City over a proposed loan move leading to a permanent one in the summer.

City's dilemma is thought to be signing any player before Feb 22nd will mean their loan time will expire before the play offs, signing on or after that date enables them to play in a play off if the club makes that stage.

Could City afford to wait ? While other clubs circle who are said to be interested in taking the player,  or do they take a gamble sign him and see if they make the extra stages of the play offs ?  

An interesting 10 days ahead, there is no doubt Dorrans would be a very good signing to have available for any Play Off game a major bonus. 

Careful Of What You Wish For


Only a short while ago, I remember sitting at Carrow Road listening to the fans following their team from an area of Birmingham sporting their colours of claret and blue singing "There is only one Paul Lambert". While generally having a good laugh at our expense. A short while later, this one and only Paul Lambert left our club to take control of the claret & blue admidst much acrimony anger and hostility.

Isn.t funny how things can turn,  it makes the old saying even more true. "You Need To Be Careful Of What You Wish For"

Wonder if they are laughing and feeling so smug now ?








Nervy, But Enough ...Well Just

A nerve jangling end to a game that City were strolling, taking a surperb glancing header from Subsitute Camaron Jerome from a pin point cross from his fellow Sub Wes Hoolahan to secure the points in an encounter where it would not be unfair to the hosts to say  calculators should have been out counting.

Just when City's old troubles started to look like a thing of the past, comfortably bossing the game thy slipped back to old habits, allowing a very poor Charlton to not only get back into it,  but to draw level,  many watching and listening in on the Radio could easily be forgiven for thinking the home side would go on and sneak three points.

But there is something new about City despite the old failings once again rearing their ugly heads,  determination, fight and desire was also evident as they took control once again and edged in front just enough to secure a very valuable three more points,  much needed as the top of the League gets tigher.

In every area City looked a solid unit,  playing controlled passing football, not rushing but carefully drawing Charlton out and trying to sieze the final magic ball only time before they opened the scoring,  That came in the 14 minute, Johnson won the ball on half way feeding Grabban through who did exceptionaly well to cut it into the path of Howson who finished clinicaly. 

Johnson was again invloved in City's second, heading the ball right into the path of Grabban, with the keeper off his line the striker cooly and calmly lobbed the ball perfectly into the net. With the home venting their anger and feelings at the clubs top brass, it looked a formality in the second half to wrap up the points.

City started much they finished the first half, with slick passing and high tempo, looking comfortable perhaps enough to see the game out and hold onto the two goal lead.  They say old habits die hard and soon City reverted to an all too familar pattern of giving the ball away and losing possession far too easily.  The home side  captilized on this and clawed their way back into a game they had little right to do.  First, Watt got between Martin and evaded Bassong to slot home. then a few minutes later Vetokele found himself on the end of a parried shot from Ruddy to tuck the ball home.

This gave the once jeering home crowd the lift they neded to get behind their unlikely heros and drive the home side to all the spoils.  Hoolahan who had been brought on earlier in place of an ineffective Hooper, was again a villan and hero in one game, giving the ball away far too cheaply  causing many to get frustrated with the little man. But he again proved what a player he can be when his 83rd minute pin point cross was met perfectly by leading scorer Jerome,  who glanced a perfect header into the corner of the goal with the home keeper a mere spectator, to claim his 15 of the season.

Still City had to see out the remaining 7 minutes only to hear that the officials added another 5 minutes adding to the already jangling nerves of all thise in Yellow.

Alex Neil will no doubt be working his players hard after this, trying to eradicate these costly lapses, it looked to all that he started venting his feelings before his players got off the pitch with Martin Olsson appearing to get the drift of his managers ideas first. 

A nervy victory, but still a victory,  yes City should have been out of sight long before the Charlton come back.  But they didn't collapse instead they rallied took control again how be it not so convincingly enough to take the points and see out the remaining time.   There were much more on the positive side than on the negative side.

Wolves next up, they recorded a very good victory at Huddersfield  seeing off the home side 4-1, I feel City will have to be a lot sharper in front of goal plus cut out thiese costly lapses.


Some are never happy

Leaving Carrow Road yesterday must have been a pleasing experience, 4 goals, hat trick from a striker getting his confidence back, a clean sheet, despite losing a defender after 20 minutes, and then a peach of a free kick to finish the game.

You would think everyone would be happy wouldn't you.. Far from it.. a listen to Canary Call and you would think we had failed again to dispatch lowly opposition.  They were worse than non league Sutton Utd, whom City sent away on the end of a  8-0, thumping,   but that was back in 1989.  Just what the hell has that anything to do with beating a side in the championship  four nil.  I have no idea.

It has been said City have failed in past home matches to break down opposition of similar ilk to Blackpool, yet we saw off Hudderfield and Millwall very comfortably, the referrence to Sutton was not heard then.   I personally do wonder about some who claim to be supporters,  probably have not set foot in Carrow Road since 1989 (Yea the year we beat Sutton Utd)  We could have beaten Derby or Ipswich and they would have found some other excuse,  now I know everybody has the right to an opinion. Canary Call was set up for that (well until Rob Butler took charge)  but why do we have to be subjected to the moans and groans of people who will never ever be happy, they have probably been sitting all week getting ready for his few minutes of fame on the Wireless.   I will be hitting the mute button when I hear their names mentioned next time and the time after.

Whatever league or standard of football you can only beat the team standing in front of you, at the end of the day it is those precious three points that really matter.   But to critize your team after a very professional and comfortable display just beats me.   There were many, many positives to be had from yesterday, none more important than the next, but to see Alex Neil's work at Colney being executed on the field must just shade it. 

Hooper hitting a hat trick, Grabban playing a selfless role up front, Hoolahan being the Hoolahan we all know and want, the defence holding out despite loosing a man,  Johnson spraying passes all over the park, Howson working his little socks off. Ruddy making a great save when he could have been excused for being cold, and then a peach of a free kick that would have Jug Lugs on MOTD purring in delight, whoops if it was from Liverpool or Utd.

What the hell is there to moan about.

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