Frustrated, Disappointed,

The disappoint is still there this morning, the frustration has decreased a lot,  but that feeling the inevitable happened will not go away.   We let ourselves down in the most important game of the season.  Yes we had the majority of the shares but did nothing with it.

Middlesbro came with a game plan to score early, park , frustrate rely on the counter and of course play the ref to perfection, it worked so well.   clearly they knew we struggle to break deep sitting teams down, they knew the Ref was weak  and exploited that perfectly.   Yea time was added but that could not replace the way play was broken up and spoiled by this now called Professionalism  (in English Cheating)

Suppose we would have done the same if the tables had been turned, but Bristish managers are not so expert in this area as some from Europe. 

I have applauded Alex Neil for his reading of the game and making changes to suit, but I feel last night his change was a tad too late, Middlesbro were comfortable in dealing with our crosses and lumps in, that's  when we could beat the first man.   Ayala marshalled his defence expertly (Now who the Hell sold him, he looked the part last night turning into the player I thought he could be) 

Too easy to point fingers as to why and where it was wrong, but these players have done us more than proud over the weeks.  They know only too well, they don't need me harping on about it.

The glaring fact was clear, if anyone needed convincing,  we struggle to break teams down and fail to create good chances,   frustration and anger sets in as was clear.    Tactics Worked

Alex Neil brief was to get us into the play off places, he has surpassed that with incredible results,  the ride has been nothing short of brilliant .   How many teams in the league are secretly jealous of that.   

The big job at hand now is to lift these players to carry on after the disappointment of last night to carry on fighting to cement our position in readiness for the Lottery.  

Of course there is still a chance we could still get in an Automatic place, but it would call for Watford and Bournemouth to slip up like us... somehow I cannot see or believe that will happen.   But would be over the moon if it did.

So before 5pm I could be putting on my jumping boots



Not Good Enough Where It Mattered

Sadly on a night when everyone wanted it to click, but  simply not good enough in the final third of the field, plenty of the ball pushing and pushing Middlesbro back, we failed to force the keeper to make one hard save.    The opposition didn't offer much more in the way of efforts either,  they cannot even go away with the knowledge of scoring that is down to a Tettey own goal.

I thought Dorrans was off the boil  along with Tettey's passing where not at their usual standard,  Although Tettey improved as the game wore on.  Far too many times I felt we sent balls high into the box against  defence that could cope with that all day long, Marshelled expertly by ex City player Ayala.

I do believe we will have to settle for the play-offs now, I just cannot see Watford or Bournemouth slipping up like this.  If there was going to a slip up it was going to be this game, so much hinging on it and the TV curse raising it's ugly head again



Odd Ode. Pin Back Your Lug Holes

A little bit of light hearted fun for you, carrowroad.net's resident poet and odd ode practitioner. Has come up with the following, to welcome Bradley Johnson back from his enforced sabatical.


BJ wandered  on to the pitch
And got himself suspended
Radio Butler seemed to react
As if the world had ended

BJ was rightly ruled out
For one too many misdeeds
He couldn't be selected
To score against Bolton and Leeds!

Negative thinking is no good
Such folly is just a fraud
Alex Neil has a football brain
And a talented first team squad

The tricky trips away up North
The Canaries did survive
Winning both games comfortably
To keep promotion hopes alive

This Minstrel did foretell
How good was our Mr Neil
So listen up our Delia
Please give him a long term deal!

(c) Al Marshall 2015- this one should be recited in a hey nonny nonny fashion a bit like the others and please don't take seriously. No canaries were harmed in the trips up north, hopefully.



That One Goal May Make a Difference

Forest did not quite deliver the result we all wanted last night,  I have no doubs Watford supporters are sating the same about Leeds.  The race for the prize is still set to go the final day,  unless someone heart breaking slips up and drop those valuable points. 

  In saying Forest didn't deliver, but they still stopped Watford jumping above us, by scoring that single goal.  Watford had to score three to over take us and as I expected they achieved that, but unfortunately for them that is, they conceded.

It could yet be the single most important goal they have let in as that could still get us promoted.  The players and Alex Neil have done their jobs expertly well, now the fans have to do their jobs by making carrow Road a bloody scary place for Middlesbrough and Fulham....  Raising the noise levels to make the roof shake.

To the Wire

Just like yesterdays dying seconds winner the promotion race looks like going to the wire, none of the teams look like slipping up under the mounting pressure. City came within seconds of  dropping valuable points until Gary Hooper became the saviour and hero with a deft lob over the keeper after Jerome nodded on a long ball from Bassong.

The scenes in the  City following in the stands and the City bench looked as if they had just clinched the ticket to the promised land.

Dorrans had given City the lead with a deflected free kick before Le Fonde had scored a stikers tap in, City huffed and puffed but could not blow the Bolton defence down until Hooper found the touch needed.   It was not as if Alex Neil did not go all out for it, by having three strikers on the pitch, Jerome Hooper and surprise inclusion Grabban who returned from injury a lot sooner than many expected. 

There seemed to be some discussion on the touchline between the 4th official Neil and Lennon over added time,  Bryan Gunn on Radio Norfolk called it spot on. 

He implied that there was not going to be that much added time, even after injuries, delays etc during the game.  Alex Neil clearly said something to the 4th official and the board went up with 5 minutes:  post game Alex Neil confirmed this was much the case,  he jokingly said after Hooper scored he turned and cracked OK that time must be up now. But  there were still the best part of two minutes remaining during which City held on to claim a late,late victory.

If this all sounds slighty familiar you would not be wrong,  late goasl became a little bit of a trade mark under the last manager to push for promotion to the Premier League riches. 

Nobody can ask more of Alex Neil and his squad, they have fought their way back to be rightfully involved in what has become the closest and most exciting Championship finish in years.  Yesterday showed that the belief, passion fight and steel show no sign of failing. 

On to another difficult looking game at Leeds who lost at home yesterday to Cardiff,  many will expect a City victory as a forgone conclusion, if Cardiff can win there City should.  But every team no matter what their position in the league will be out to  be party spoilers Bolton tried and nearly succeeded,  but  as in every game City will have to fight for what they get.

Another victory is really a must, while the other teams keeps racking up the points,  we also need an injury free game with the big one following a few days later at Carrow Road with Middlesbrough visiting.

City Win Ugly at Brighton

After a hard fought 3 points at Brighton this afternoon, where City had to fight to hold on to the lead given by a Bradley Johnson finish, not his trademark belter  but a more composed sidefoot  after some excellent play from Redmond.

Not that we reply on others results Ipwich did us a little favour by holding Bournemouth to a 1-1 draw at Portman Road, Middlesbro narrowly edged past Wigan at home 1-0.  But the latest score from Derby is that Watford have a 1 goal lead against the rams.  A home win would be a very good end to the Good Friday games.

On to Monday and Sheffield Wed at Carrow Road, there are no easy games,  we will all need a little more patience, as I cannot see Wednesday being to keen on making life easy for City


Aologises..  we have been suffering a technical problem with regards to posting news items.  We managed a fix today so all should be working fine..  Now where are my eggs

The Wolf Will Return

According to reports from France, St Étienne will not be activating loan striker Ricky van Wolfswinkel’s €6m buy-out clause.

President Roland Romeyer recently announced that the club will not be spending €7m or so in total, let alone on virtually one player. Meaning Van Wolfswinkel will therefore return to Norwich at the end of the season.

So he has not shone in France either but he scored far more than he did here,  It now remains to be seen what will happen to Our Wolf  who seems to be a tamed version.  Will Alex Neil be able to weave his magic with RVW or will McNally find somewhere else to tehter the Wolf.

Perhaps Neil will give him a chance ...

Derby's Jeff Hendrick A Cheat ...

John Ruddy has taken nearly all the blame and given one of the worst things a player can be given, an Own Goal. Yet  the Go Pro camera behind the goal clearly shows  Jeff Hendrick  pulling Ruddy's arm over his shoulder, hampering Ruddy and leaving him in the split second to try and use one hand.

No small wonder he flicked the ball into his own net,   that goal should not have stood  surprising it was all just about all Derby really offered  the whole game.  

See For Yourself...    Hope the FA see it and act accordingly and ban the cheat




Only One John Ruddy One John Ruddy

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