A Shambles

As we reported earlier,  we believed the next game in City's supposed tour of Italy has been called off,  City have now confirmed that our information was correct.

It will now an open training session with City inviting any fans in the area to go along.  It seems as if this supposed tour is a shambles, now two sides have withdrawn from playing City, one replaced by non league opposition and now an extra training session.

What an organised shambles, who ever was responsible for this, I would not  let them near my holiday arrangements.  City need games for the squad to adapt fully to the new coaching etc, would have been better off staying in the UK and playing UK sides. Certainly bloody cheaper.  I could not imagine Lowestoft ppulling out at the last minute.



City Third Tour Game in Doubt rumour

Hearing a little whisper that City's 3rd game on their supposed mini tour has been or could be  cancelled,  although we have no official conformation as yet; we stress this is only a rumour.

It would seems as if this tour to Italy is turning out to be anything in the way of success in playing European teams; with first game having to be switched on the eve of the kick off, and non league opposition played instead, hardly serious work out.

City will be in need of some stiffer competition  as the season's big kick gets closer

O Come On

Ricky Injured in training .. if I had a pound for everytime I have heard that over the years, i could have bought a season ticket outright for a couple of seasons.    Please  who are they trying fool  ?      

I know won't come if I do not go to bed ...    It is time things like this stop we have had the pee taken out of us for too long now,   we all know players will be leaving we have been fed this line for ages now...so why hide behind this injury scam rubbish.  I do not believe it for one minute.

It is like saying there isn't a problem with Bassong, training and playing with the kids ..are Bunn and Becchio to be added to that little list.

It is no small wonder fans mistrust

We know City do not have to sell, But What about Buying Instead

I don't know about anyone else amongst the Yellow followers but I am getting more than a little tired of the constant statements coing out of Carrow Road and picked  by just about every media outlet.   There is nothing but How City don't have to sell,  we knocked back this offer and that offer  for Redmond or  Fer

We know only too well that we do not have to sell, our finances are such we can afford to keep players we want to keep, we know we know . but despite all this we all know as well everybody has a price. 

  The whole news is just getting depressing, there are not even any rumours about players that us mere fans can get our discussions going,  most of the conversations I have been a party too are about,  distrust,  no confidence in manager or board. While many feel we are being sold down the river, and preparing for a long stay in the championship. 

If money is not a huge problem then why are we seemingly inactive, well enough to keep rumours quiet,

I take it  Adams has a transfer budget added to that the sale of Snodgrass, there really should not be a too big a problem buying players that are wanted and needed. 

I agree there is a need to be wise and not be taken in with super expensive prices,  although we must expect this type of treatment after all are we not enforcing on other clubs,   I am not complaining at all , just so pleased to see players not being sold willy nilly cheaply.

But sadly this roundabout does go round as you do unto others they will do unto you.   Time is slipping away it will son be upon us, players will have less time to settle in the area and into the squad...  Seen it all before, heard it, even got the Tee Shirt....

I am think of having some shirts printed with those immortal words from the Doncaster Days    "We Will Go With What We Have Got"

Becchio Interesting Watford

Watford are reported to be loking at making a move for Becchio,  they are almost certain to be losing Troy Deeny to a Premier League side and see Becchio as an adequate replacement,  Leeds have always been reported to be interested without really making a move except for a loan deal which was refused by ex manager Chris Hughton

Redmond Bids Rejected

According to the Guardian,   City have turned down bids for Nathan Redmond  from  Stoke and Southampton

Stoke's offer of around £3.5 million for Redmond has been met with firm resistance by the Championship club, while Southampton have also experienced frustration.

Telegraph Sport revealed last week that Redmond had been targeted for a return to the Premier League by both clubs but Norwich are demanding a figure of at least £6m.

Southampton's bid is believed to have been of a similar amount to the offer made by Stoke but was instantly turned down by Norwich.

Also believed Everton are waiting in the wings debating whether to move with a bid

QPR Deal For Fer Wide of the Mark

Despite the report coming from Holland last night it would seem they are wide of the mark concerning Leroy Fer's supposed transfer to QPR, today his agent has claimed he has not spoken to QPR regarding any moves.

Fer’s agent Rob Jansen said “There is quite a lot happening around Leroy, but I haven’t spoken with Queens Park Rangers. As long as that didn’t happen, I don’t take such reports too serious.”

Fer K off

A dutch site claims that Leroy Fer is almost a QPR player with the deal in the final stages, with City set to receive six million euros for the midfielder.


A translated verson of the article is here


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