The Consistent Inconsistency Continues

I hope I can be forgiven for expecting to see a difference in my team, only a small change would have satisfied me, after all Neil had been working his squad for a full week.  But what we saw was more or less carbon copy of City's failing pre Alex Neil.

They were so weak you could push a feather duster right through the centre and not find any strength what so ever,  I admit injuries and suspensions to midfielders played a part, but why play a full back in midfield and leave a more recognised one sitting on the bench.  Ok,  McGrandles may not have the experience and never will unless used, but if the boy isn't ready then why is he on the bench. But after 62 appearences for Falkirk, I would have thought the championship is not that bigger bridge for the lad.  Nor for Cameron McGeehan,  call him back if we are that sort on cover, I would rather place my faith in a hungry youngster than some old hand who cannot be bothered.

Was good to see Elliot Bennett back on the pitch in Yellow, but should have been played on the right. 

The problems are not just in the centre of defence, true Turner and Cuéllar are almost as mobile than a parked car, I believe Cuéllar is becoming a liability anywhere near the area ..another week and another penalty, weak or not it was given.  Why isn't  Ignasi Miquel being given a chance,  isn't he good enough, perhaps not quite good enough for Wenger but surely Norwich City.  If Cuellar is I am sure that Miquel is.  

Unless Alex Neil can sort these problems  which have really plaqued the team for most of the season, very quickly,  then even a play off place starts to look, a too big of a mountain too.  These are professional footballers not sunday pub side, but the way they give the ball away,  fail to make the right choices makes them look like they have visited the Pub before the game and sunk a few.

Sort it out, clear the dead wood and bring in some fresh hungry players..  before this season is just another massive disappointment for the loyal fans

Hoolveld released Rumour

We have hearing that Jos Hoolveld is free to return to parent club or find another home. It was reported the other day that Millwall were interested in taking the defender on loan and that  the three clubs were talking about this possibility

Phelan Leaves

Just when you relax and think things are settling down, bang!, up pops another surprise,  or was this one a surpise ?

I expected Mike Phelan to leave at some point,  with Frankie McAvoy soon set to start his journey southwards, to me there never looked like there was going to be room for all,  Neil, Phelan, Holt and McAvoy, the dug out would have had to be extended. 

Whether Phelan thought he was in with a shout of the Gaffer's seat when Neil Adams walked, I am unsure, but he has never made a secret that he wanted to try his arm at being a manager.  For some reason there isn't a club who has taken that option and given him the reigns, even a club where he was well thought of, played for, but more importantly, was already in the building.

Not being privvy to knowledge of the professional gossip inside the world of football, it does strike me strange that Phelan has not been given the top job at any club given his years and years of experience standing beside probably the greatest manager these isles have produced.

There is much talk about Phelan joining up with ex team mate, City and Utd player Steve Bruce at Hull, this makes a lot of sense to me.  Bruce is struggling a little this season having an experienced head alongside him maybe just what he needs.  Why else would Phelan request to leave City so quickly and forget his contract ?

Where ever he ends up I wish him well  and hopes he can find that spot where he fits

Olsson Asked to Leave

According to reports Martin Olsson has asked to leave the club this window, with Swansea supposed to have offered £4 million, while recieving an offer of £4.5 million from Palace for their full back Neil Taylor.

If Olsson wants to leave and I would suggest we don't have this much info and reports without some substance to it.   But in my view Olsson is worth more than £4 million to Swansea,  Sitting on a tidy sum from the sale of Bony they should be prepared to buy a little above the odds. 

Depends how much they really want a left back, with Olsson it is also said they would like KyleNaughton from Spurs but baulked at the price of £4.5 million.  Talk about double standards, you want a player then in many ways in this January window you have to pay for him.

If Olsson has asked to leave, with City being in a position of not needing to sell then they have to hold out for a much as possible for one of our better players.  I am dissappointed with Olsson for this it is only another few months until the end of the season, there is a good chance he could be a premiership player with City, if not then leave.  But some have questioned if his head has been behind the canary cause all season.

Jekyll and Hyde are Still in the Building

If Alex Neil had any doubts about how his side can perform he saw first hand on saturday, excellent for an hour, then go to sleep, nearly clutching a draw from the jaws of victory.  I do wonder if the old City had been playing whether they would have rolled over completely allowing Cardiff to go away with a point they really didn't deserve.

Such is football it would not have been the first time a smash and grab raid had been executed at Carrow Road this season.

There can be little to complain about looking at the first half and the first 15 minutes of  second half, but I don't think many were surprised that Cardiff fought their way back they have too many good players to stay on the back foot for all the game.  In truth they could and should have opened the scoring missed chances and a penalty save from Ruddy is all that denied them.

Good goals from Hooper, Lafferty and Jerome shouuld have put the three points in the bag,  but the defence had other ideas and decided to have a nap.   Hard to lay blame on any individual,   the centre pairing are not known for speed and mobility , while Olsson was caught napping again allowing a player to steal the match on him. Perhaps his mind was on cadging a lift back to Wales for talks.

It has been harped on about countless times,  the need for central backs,  in my opinion we need more than centre backs cover and options are needed at right and left backs also.

Still 3 points is all that really matters, they were kept hold of  at the end of the day,  if the coaching staff can get to work on these lapses, not much all else is really wrong.

Loza on Loan and Swansea Interest in Olsson

Swansea City manager Garry Monk is interested in City left back Martin Olsson. Apparently Swansea  have seen their initial overtures rebuffed by the Canaries, but the Welsh club are planning to press ahead with their interest.

Mean while Jamar Loza has joined League One side Yeovil Town on an initial one-month loan deal.


Robert Huth

City are said to be among championship clubs Reading and Fulham looking to take Stoke's Robert Huth on loan,  appearing to be out of favour with Mark Hughes.  Huth has not started a premier league this season and his future at Stoke is a serious doubt after the signing of Bayer Leverkusen defender Phiipp Wollscheid last week,


Build On that

What can you say,  there is just so much to sing the praises of,   but lets not forget these are the same players that Neil Adams had, the ones that had looked ordinary and below average at times lately.

Whether it was new manager syndrome or something else, whatever it was down to,  they all deserve huge credit, it was not just a case of going down to ten men that makes this special,  that can often work in their favour, but to lose one to a red, another to sickness,  and then the subsitute having to go off does make this win remarkable.  

The stunning goal from Jerome was rightly  the winning goal, had this been in the premiership we would be sick of seeing by now ( I know who can get sick of that)

To go to Bournemouth a team that are flying along with being unbeaten in 14 and come away with a result in these circumstances are nothing short of outstanding, a shame Eddie Howe can not be a little more gracious in defeat, laying the excuse for defeat at being under par and blaming the sending off as the big turning point.  I am sorry Mr Howe, if you could not change your tatctics and players to make the most of the extra man  just whose fault is it  ?   

Much of the credit has to go to Mike Phelan and Gary Holt and was good to see Alex Neil give them the credit, he picked his moment perfectly to become more involved by coming down to the touch line, I am sure that just gave the extra lift.

I hope now that this game can now be built upon for the launch pad, because if old habits return in the next game against Cardiff , it will lose all the meaning and hard work.    Don't expect Cardiff to come and bring the game to us, I imagine a bus parked and rely on catching us out, as many have done before.  But   I am sure Neil  is well aware of what has been happening, he did see City in all their flavours Saturday.

Now the hard work really starts...  We all need to be behind this new regime 100%   lets show ANeil just what Carrow Road is all about.

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