Were We on The Pitch ?

Honestly .. did Norwich City take part in the game against Champions Elect Liverpool, listening to and reading the news feeds, and then hearing MOTD2 had almost forgotten Norwich were playing, using the simple insulting  "too little too late " comment.

A twitter poster, tweeted,  about Photoshopping the City players off the park  just leaving Red shirted players and Divers

Then this morning the City news feed on Newsnow is almost full of post about Liverpool,  purring over their so called great performence, all chosing to forget City had them on the ropes looking anything like champions for long periods of the game.

Still the media never have done us any favours, I believe we could win the premier league, FA Cup and champions League and it would be dismissed in some way.

Stuff the lot off them, we don't need them in anyway what so ever, never have need them, I prefer to leave all of the national media, sucking up to the bigger teams, and bending over to heap unwarrented praise, while over looking the less fashionable clubs. 

Well Wasn't That Fun

Yesterday was almost certainly the most I have enjoyed watching a city game all season, which probably has as much to do with the stat that it was only the fourth time this season we had scored two goals in the league all season, which in itself is a pretty sad story

Watching yesterday after going 2-nil down in the first ten minutes I’m sure I was not along in thinking here we go again, time for another 5-0 drubbing at the hands of Liverpool with Suarez about to destroy us (having provided the most entertainment in the first ten minutes by landing on his backside completely untouched)

But then something happened, we started to show some fight and some guile, and come half time we’d had the same number of attempts on goal as our visitors with some good counter attacking football, and operating to the principal that if we kept the ball then Liverpool would find it harder to score, even Bradley Johnson stopped passing to red shirts for a bit.  The fact our attempts on goal we’re pretty poor is an issue, but at least we were starting to get them which is more than can be said for most of the turgid football provided at Carrow Road this season.

Adams the motivator

Clearly something he said in the dressing room at half time worked, because City had stepped up another couple of gears at the start of the second half, and after 10 minutes Sky showed a stat that said we’d had 76% of the possession since half time.

What followed were two well taken goals, with Hooper starting to show some of the striking instinct that got a lot of goals north of the border, and a well taken header from Snodgrass.  Sadly these were either side of an individual error that cost us the game, but lets not take anything away from the boys 3-2 is not a result anyone could have dared to dream for, and the standing ovation at the end of the match despite having lost tells you how good a performance they all put in

If we can keep up that level of performance over the remaining three games we stand half a chance of surviving, and if we had made the change half a dozen games earlier we would hopefully have played ourselves clear of the mess we find ourselves in now – I’m sure Cardiff and WBA would have folded for sure under the power of our play in the second half yesterday and we’d be sitting six points better off and contemplating McNally’s mid table mediocrity for another season

Adams Provides Hope

Guest Post

After the loss to Fulham, we can all feel the presence of relegation looming in the shadows of our beloved Canaries. The last four matches will see the Canaries matched up again some of the top clubs in the Premiership including Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal.

The loss to Fulham has caused most experts and fans to write the team off. New First Team Manager Neil Adams is well aware of the write off, and his response was noted on EDP24:

“If people want to write us off then great. People wrote us off during the FA Youth Cup run long before we got to play Chelsea in the final. That is fine. I don't have a problem with that. Norwich City is never going to be a team up there with the top four in terms of who are going to be seen as favourites at this level. We are probably used to that. We are down towards the bottom end of the table with perhaps seven or eight clubs who are all in the same situation and have no doubt been written off on a weekly basis like us.

Not only does Adams acknowledge the write off, but he is refusing to accept it. He recently has made changes, which he believes will give the club a much needed boost. The changes are most recognizable in the lineup. The moves are an attempt to provide more scoring opportunities, which has been the largest problem for the Canaries away from Carrow Road. As an article posted over at Betfair notes, the club has scored an abysmal 11 goals on the road.

Wes Hoolahan's move from the left side of midfield appears to be the most vital move of them all. According to Evening News 24, when Adams discussed the move he said the following:

I have seen Wes play in a number of positions, left-side, in the hole as a number 10, and Wes is an attacking player. He is someone who can get on the ball and get on the turn. What I like is players who can receive the ball into feet and they are looking to play it forward, to get in and hurt the opposition. That is Wes's natural game. I have seen many, many games, even going back to his time at Blackpool, so we all know what Wes can do and what he can't do. He is a fantastic player and if he is on the pitch and gets enough of the ball then on his day he can win you a game. It is about the philosophy underpinning how you go about things and it doesn't matter whether you are playing home or away.

Just the willingness to change proves that Adams is far better suited to be the First Team Manager, than Hughton ever was.

While the Canaries are staring down the barrel of relegation, Adams is providing a glimpse of hope. According to ESPN FC, [Adams] has proven people wrong before. Let us hope that history repeats itself, and Adams proves everyone wrong.

Straws and Clutching

Another game at The Cottage and another defeat, although this one much closer with City dominating for long periods, the same old story that has dogged the club for nearly two seasons The Failure to convert the chances.   In saying that only a couple of sublime saves saved Fulham from another home defeat and denied a plucky and valiant effort.

Hope was high before the game along with expectation of what Neil Adams line up would be, in my eyes he didn't disappoint at all.  no place for Yobo or Bassong, to players who have been good at times for City but prone to many mistakes. In come Turner and drafted in alongside Martin in his preferred place. Whittaker coming in from the cold at right back, I  was surprised Hoolahan didn't make the starting elevern, but adopting a diamond shape the old question arose of "where does Hoolahan fit" 

I cannot and will not fault Neil Adams one iota, his task and the games ahead would make some managers cringe, the difference after one week with Adams and Co could be seen, it is a shame this game didn't come a couple of weeks later, by then I would expect it to be a different story.

With just about every pundit, expert what ever you want to call them,  saying we are down after yesterday defeat the case does look lost, even many City followers have resigned themselves to Championship football next season.  Whether I am clutching hold of any straw I do not know or care, we are still two points clear and have 4 games to go.  All the teams we have to play have been beaten this season ....so why not Norwich. They will come up against us expecting a walk in the park as many of them are so wrapped up in themselves they can overlook at team fighting for their lives.

Straws, short and weak I may be holding but I will not give up this new found hope for anyone.

Boards Fault

Should the expected happen and we drop through the hatch, the CEO and Board must hold their hands up, they are the ones who hold the power and pull the strings, they sat on their hands far  too long ,  hoping Chris Hughton would do something he had not been able to do for months and turn the fortunes round.   Hughton has his share of the blame from the supporters and rightly so, but it is the people in power who have failed,  they have been blind or not willing to see the bloody mess, it wasn't creeping up on the team un noticed, it started just after the 10 game run last season and never improved, despite the millions spent.

Yet they will continue issuing statements of getting together, being united etc, when in truth the fans have always been behind the team, it was the coaching set up that caused the divisions

I have little doubt we will see more PR statements of being in it together, especially if we fail and go down,   the fans will turn out in force no matter what league we are in, the fans are not IN IT, it is the Board that are right up to their necks and the mess Stinks.

I feel a little sorry for Neil Adams,  yes he is a big boy and knows fully what the score is, but to use a faithfull stalwart of the club in what many see as a thankless task is a little below the belt,  should we fail  Adams is going to be known as the manager who took us down. We know That could not be further from the truth but many others will not bother to look for the real truth.

Come on you Yellows,  let's surprise people


We Are United In Wanting Survival

I do wonder if David McNally really knows the City followers because if he did he would not need to issue a call for unity. The faithful followers have stuck by their club through worse times than this,  the period when we protested to get Worthington out was far more hostile, I  was spit on, had hot coffee thrown over me and was threatned along with my family on more than one occassion, as were others and we are all still there

We were still there supporting the club through Grant, Roeder, and Gunn era's,  down in League One and up again, Carrow Road was always full to the rafters.  We support the team no matter what, no matter who , it is our club no matter who owns it.

We will be behind them home or away, those of us who cannot go are still beind them ....

We are United

Who is Bonkers & Deluded Mr Potato Man

Yesterday I smiled at the comments of so called experts,  many of whom have not got gonads to step into management or have failed after a very short time.  Today these people get coverage in the national media, yet they have no experience of how life was under Hughton for the thousands of Norwich supporters,..... today they are making me angry.

Had they taken the trouble to actually watch a few games under Hughton  they would clearly see, that as a  club, Norwich City  had given their manager every opportunity and time to showcase his ability to take City the team onward.  But the truth is that after two years of insipid, boring, negative and bewildering football.. Hughton has taken the club backwards.

I personally did not want Hughton to get the job in the first place,  but he has succeeded in turning the largest  majority of City supporters against him. There will not be many who follow the fortunes of the club sad that he has left, plenty who would have liked sooner

Last season was acceptable due to a 10 game unbeaten run, had that not happened then we would be in a very similar situation, Hughton spent what many thought as wisely on reinforcements, most notably on bolstering his forward line, yet because of the style he has tried to force on the players, the strikers have suffered most.
Last season we witnessed how Grant Holt was choked in the scoring department by the same restrictive tactics, a player who had been top scorer for the club 3 seasons in a row (including the Premier League).  

Armed with these new forces,  many expected to see a different approach to the game but sadly nothing really changed,  this left even  people alarmed at  the shocking lack of creativity and spark about his teams.

A boring and uninspired style of play,  with substitutions to match, lead to a lack of consistency,  any noteworthy performances were left to times when it mattered most, in what were termed as the  Must Win games.

The decision to send Hughton, Caulderwood and Trollope packing may look bizarre, ill timed  or as  the Walker's crisp front man prefers to put it . "Bonkers and Deluded"    People are entitled to their opinions and views, but when someone  shouts his mouth off without actually witnessing any of events leading up to this, is really talking out of ignorance. Perhaps  this is more a case of defending the old pals network.

True the Board of Directors may look a little foolish, most certainly should acted much, much earlier,  but it is really that Bonkers.  The decision was seemingly made to replace the regime during the summer anyways, I am sure Hughton knew this or had an inkling,  Faith was lost, but still time was given. 

Did this inspire him to go out of his way to make the Board change their minds ?  Did he take the restrictive shackles off his team to get the results to make the board view things again.   Sadly no things stayed much the same while perfomances nose dived, the deeper they sunk,   the more Hughton became lost with his decisions becoming all the more bewildering. 

There is much much, more that can be said concerning Hughton's time at the helm,  had anyone of these self proclaimed experts had cared to delve a little deeper either by visiting and talking with the fans while watching more than a few hightlights in a studio.  

They would not make such statements that are really "Bonkers and clearly Deluded. "  I doubt that these experts will get to see this, but it gets things off my chest and I am sure I am not alone in my views in the Yellow & Green followers



Pundits criticise City Action What do they really know

I must laugh at all the pundits who are  questioning City in sacking Hughton, not one of them has paid a penny to watch a game.  Nor have they put up with the crap City fans have had to,  instead being fooled by last season's position into thinking Hughton was a success.  That could not be further from the truth.  

Lineker who thinks it is Bonkers , Savage says it is a ridiculous decision. and Mirror chief football writer Martin Lipton says it is Panic.  I would be interested to see if one of them has set foot in a ground were Hughton has had his team ?   

Experts my A*****

Charlie Wyett: “People who criticise Norwich decision will have not paid to watch them this year/or fooled by 2013 league position. Mood in team also poor.”

It maybe panic, it may be that cannot see where the needed points are coming with Hughton in charge,  a change may just give a chance, it certainly isn't a knee jerk reaction.  Yesterday was abridge too far, there is no way Hughton could continue  the crowd had completely turned their backs on him for that there is no way back.

It wasn't as if Norwich City board had not given him time yet he still limped on not having any answers or tactical awareness to change anything. He may be a good all round nice chap  but premiership manager he was not. 

His sacking is long over due it should have been November in my eyes, forget January he should not have been allowed near a transfer kitty after the summer spending.

Whether Neil Adams can do the business I have no idea, but the man has Norwich City stamped through him, like a stick of Yarmouth rock, he seems to have a different mindset, his young chargers played with no fear comfortable with their own skills.  If we do go down I do believe we will go having seen a fight with some passion,  he has nothing much to lose and all to gain, nobody will hold him accountable.

Get behind the man,  he offers us the best chance we have

Neil Adams Takes Over

in statement the club have said.


NORWICH City can confirm Chris Hughton, Colin Calderwood and Paul Trollope have parted company with the Club with immediate effect - and former Canary winger and FA Youth Cup-winning coach Neil Adams has been appointed as First Team Manager.

The Norwich City Board has taken the decision to give the Club the maximum chance to secure the points required between now and the end of the season to ensure retention of our Barclays Premier League status.

Read more at http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/20140406-adams-hughton-norwich-city-manager-1471649.aspx#KCsKBp59fri8FgYt.99

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