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Francesco Guidolin Rumour

Normally things go like this;    We hear a Rumour, normally followed by a Denial, followed in many cases by the event or appointment happening. The following is just a rumour and has been denied in the same article, but what else would we expect the man to do, he could not come out and say anything else really. ESPN are reporti [...]

Is this a Poor Record ?

While the debate of Hughton In or Out rages on .  We have reached the half way point of the season 19 games played.  we decided to look at Hughton's record again  over a season long 38 games,  The last 19 from last season and this season's 19.  Played 38 league games Last Season:  Played 19  &nb [...]

Better But still Nothing To show

I know this may sound rather harsh after such a good showing yesterday, but playing well got us nothing because of an age old problem that has become a bit of a hallmark of the Chris Hughton era, not taking what few  chances that are created. I think Wellbeck really gave a little lesson in what to do when a rare opportunity presents itself [...]

A Point Away -- Is a good point

I find it very hard to believe that some of the yellow followers cannot be satisfied with a point away from home, any point on the travels is a good one.  This team we held yesterday had just knocked Chelsea out of the cu and are fightening for their premiership lives, no matter what there are no easy games in this league. I prefer to see [...]

Faith and Confidence

We have on this site been more than critical of Chris Hughton's managerial style, results and overall record, I would be more than happy for him to be able to change and therefore change the fortunes of my team. Forgetting, how he sets up his teams, forget the defensive mindset etc. These things all play a part in peoples views and judgemen [...]

Own Up

Come on Own up, how many of you got up this morning either tuned into the radio or checked the net to see if Hughton had been given his marching orders ?    I did Also how many of us have been checking through the day to see if the axe has fallen ?   I have and probably will continue to do so. Many say Hughton is the [...]

Looking for More than One Response

Another away game another tonking, it is becoming a habit of Chris Hughton's reign. then he has the gall to blame his defendes for all of the goals.  Sorry Mr Hughton but I have been watching football for a long long while and what I witnessed last night was a player performing at the very highest level he has ever perfomed at.  I w [...]