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Hope the Grapevine is wrong this time

Rob Shepherd, who writes The Football Grapevine on the Mail online, has suggested that City are interested in former skipper Malky Mackay if Chris Hughton leaves. While this may be good news to many City supporters,  I must admit to having more than a little fear over such an appointment, before you all jump on me, I suggest that you take [...]

Morning After a Bad Night Again

It is becoming a habit that we cannot seem to break, these mornings I mean, I feel like I have woken up after being drunk as a skunk and had a bad nightmare. Just when is this going to stop,   I am afraid not until some changes are made.  People say (myself included) that it is too late in the day to change manager.  I said [...]

Two Forward..Five Back Yet Again

Yet again, after taking two steps forward we follow that with five backwards,  I said if we did not get anything from tonights game it would make Saturday's result mean absolutely nothing.   We lost for two reasons tonight, we cannot finish that problem has been with Hughton since he has been here,  the other reason was Hught [...]

Now That Is More Like Our Team

There can be very few City followers who woke up this morning with yet another depressive mood waiting to overtake them after a City game.  I cannot see one single little thing to moan about about yesterday's effort.  Now if this type of application and team set up can be carried on to the end of the season, then that R word can b [...]

Jacob Murphy Linked with Loan Move

Earlier reports  today  have linked  City winger Jacob Murphy with a loan move to Swindon Town. Murphy, who has made one senior appearance for Norwich as a substitute in an FA Cup clash with Fulham last month, is highly rated This would seem to be a very wise move for the young man, experience cannot be bought or taught only by [...]

Don't Widen the Goalposts Again

Many City followers have put forward that David McNally is as much to blame as what Chris Hughton is for out current plight.  I do believe instead of widening the goalposts  he should have said good bye to Hughton and Co in December. Now it is probably far too late, what manager who is worth his salt would be prepared to come here now [...]

Depressed and Fearing

I am at a bit of a loss to say anything that we haven't said or continue to say and have been for so long now,  not only at a loss but also depressed with the whole thing with the club. Yesterday's game, we weren't brilliant or anything,  it was more a case of Cardiff were terrible, no dire in the first half and at the end [...]