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And Swansea Were Worried

I missed writing a piece last week after a stirring performance and 3 valuable points, O I wish I had it would have been good to be able to write something positive.  I no doubt would have ended with what has become usual for me, " that if the good work work of this game isn't carried on into the next it will serve nothing" S [...]

Let Them Off The Leash

I am sorry to say I am not a big fan of the clapper's being used again today, it is a sign of desperation to drum up some false support.  The voices and hands of City supporters over the years have been more than enough, in my Barclay Boy days, we had enough chants and songs to see us through more than one game.  We knew Big Dunc, D [...]


To a netural with a passing interest in football saturday's scoreline may just have looked like City alomosr staged a dramatic come back, displaying bags of fight and passion; not quitting even at 3-0 down, Proving that City have too much fight about them to go down. We all know that could not be further from the truth than Venus is from Eart [...]

To Hell with it Change Manager NOW

Another Monday morning feeling like I have a terrible hangover without the consuming of many beers the night before, I have become acustomed to this feeling recognising the symptoms as soon as my bleary eyes open. Just what those who made another long haul to witness YET ANOTHER away day horror from their Hereo's I can only guess, I could n [...]

The Days of Talking are Over

Snodgrass Issues a rallying call O. Please Robert, just be quiet and get your head down and work like hell, and make the others work too, lock Hughton and Co out of the dressing and take over.  Like Newcastle ! Do all the talking with your feet and with the ball, we have h [...]

Fans Frustrated Yet Again

O dear another flat and depressive weekend to go after another City failure,  I had a good idea that it would not be a good day out to the South West,  we had a family day out.   I gave up my season ticket after watching Hughton teams last season and I can say I have not missed it as much as I thought I would.  Yes I real [...]

Hughton is frustrated. Tell the Fans about It

This seems to be a repeating story,  one that looks will continue to dog the Hughton era  "Another Chance Missed"  after last week's mauling at the hands of the old boss,  we all looked forward to the Stoke game, which took on the mantle of another Must Win Game We have come out from these must win games with a [...]

Six Foot Two, Eyes of Blue

Duncan Forbes is After You...   many of us old boys will remember standing and singing that at the tops of our voices a number of years ago.  Today Big Dunc is is need of some more support , only this time it looks like a battle the big man cannot win.   Last year when Ducan's wife Janette announced to a shocked City fai [...]

No Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sorry to be negative especially after yet another dire collapse ,but can anyone see a glimmer of light at the moment?  As I am struggling to see anything at all.  I have voiced my opinions many times through this media, nothing special in that as others do it, but anyone who has read these pages know; I have not been a fan of the Hughto [...]

Virus Has Hit Colney

Provisionally  named as "Hughtonitis"  initial symptons appear to render victims totally colourblind especially unable to distinguish between claret and blue and green and yellow when ball passing, Other symptoms include dillusional ideas like putting on strikers who can't score and playing them as right wingers, The p [...]

Contemplating a change at City

  Ok, so I don’t write in depth about our beloved club too often, but today I think is one of those days where I will feel better for putting pen to paper. Much has been made of the future of Chris Hughton, a subject which died off our recent couple of excellent home performances, where Ruddy has now kept four clean sheets in a row [...]