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Molla Wague... Are We Really Looking

As we limp through the close season we keep being linked with players on reasonable media outlets, while I know it is par for the course anyone and everyone gets linked. But I just wonder if anyone is still scouting for the club ? And are we Really looking ? The latest link is for SM Caen defender Molla Wague according to Sky Sports.  Wagu [...]

Simple Message

To the players who want wern't good enough to keep us in the prem  bye To the club...sell the delusional workshy tossers for as much as poss an get rid To the picked your man(rightly or wrongly) now support him with the backing that a new and inexperienced manager will need. To the fans..we've all had ups [...]

Ruddy and Snoddy

So Arsenal are switching their attention to John Ruddy after baulking at the £15 Million price slapped on David Marshall by Cardiff,  that is if reports are to be taken as true. Reports suggest that Ruddy would cost £6million under half of what Marshall is quoted at being worth.  If Marshall is worth that amount then Ruddy [...]

Phew Thank Goodness

Thank goodness,   A small report on TWTD site  that Steve Foley will not be leaving Ipswich and Needham Market.  T Town academy coach Steve Foley is no longer set to rejoin Norwich City with Ryman League Division One North Needham Market announcing that he will be continuing his part-time role with them, having earlier confirmed [...]

Foley..Whose Next Clucking Worthington

Please somebody wake me up and tell me it is a nightmare, Steve Foley to be part of Neil Adams backroom team , it has to be a fekking nightmare doesn't it.   what on earth is going on, whose fekking next as a Technical Director  Nigel  Clucking Worthington. I dispair .. all my hope is draining fast . Now I know The Coo [...]

Right or Wrong Appointment ?

Once again the board of directors of Norwich City Football Club, have surpised just about everyone with their latest decision,  with everyone expecting Malkay Mackay Neil Lennon or Zola to be announced as manager.  All of those have experience, but the board follow the same path they have trod before by turning to inexperience and a clu [...]

Lennon Resigns from Celtic ...Imagine

Reports suggest Neil Lennon has resigned from Celtic with Henrik Lasson the favorite to take his place. but just where is Lennon heading ... The Midlands with WBA, East with City. The capitol and Fulham or even the South Coast with Brighton. He has long been linked with City despite being ruled out by Charlie Wyatt in the Sun, surely this is th [...]

Canaries Vs Canaries

According to reports, City are set to play a friendly against top French side Nantes, also known as the Canaries, in their pre-season programme. The match is set to take place on July 19 at La Baule, a seaside town about 25 miles from Nantes on the west coast of France. Nantes finished 13th in Ligue 1 and reached the semi-finals of the French l [...]

Is this just Media Hyypia

With everyone and their Uncle tipping Malky Mackay to be the next City boss, it is good to see another name  outside of the Usual Suspects.  This One cropped up last night, that of ex Liverpool defender Sami Hyypia  who has been without a club since being shown the door in April from Bayer Leverkusen. I think (can never be sure) [...]

Wasn't Neil Adams a Credible Option in January

While I applaud the board of the club for being more open than just about any other club,  in giving this supposed open mike interview..... While the board will be congratulating themselves on being approachable etc. I believe in all fairness, it's the least they can do, after staying so silent for so long;   while many round [...]

Is Mackay The Right Fit ? While Tetty Isn't Against Leaving... The Door is over There

As we all wait to see who will be unveiled as the next manager, many tipsters and those proclaiming to know something all point to Malky Mackay . Local lad and Sunday Sun reporter Charlie Wyatt writes that Mackay will be shown off this week, Wyatt also stated earlier that Celtic's Neil Lennon was not in the running. I have concerns about Ma [...]

End of the Week ..

So the club has broken their silence, credit for getting out there quite quickly, a shame they didn't speak and act sooner, but that is water under the bridge. what's done is done. The announcement stated that a new manager could be appointed by the end of the week,  I would have thought if it was to be Neil Adams we might have hea [...]

Down without anything than the usual

Down without a fight, hardly a bloody whimper....But Why should the last game of the season be any different to what has gone on before, had it been one of note  it may have sent the fans away with a little bit better feeling or  sent them home feel why the **** couldn't they have done that sooner? Thank god it is over one of the [...]

Championship Here We Come

Any lingering hope of a miracle escape from the jaws of relegation are fading quicker than a chocolate kettle on the boil.  With half time a few minutes away at Sunderland, the home side are 2-0 against WBA.   It would have taken a miracle for City to hang on in the premiership, Sunderland the form team of the moment, would need to [...]

Too Much to Bear, The Bridge Maybe too far

Will it down to the last game, will City get a point at Stamford bridge ?   As much as I hold onto the hope that it isn't over until the fat lady sings. That hope is dwindling away like sand in an egg timer,  it was not the result last week that has done this for me but the manner,   heads dropped, some effort drained [...]