About Us

The site is run by a number of City fans - for the benefit of City Fans - new authors are always welcome and we have featured a number throughout the years. The site over time has changed hands due to personal and family commitments, but the love of Norwich City remains strong.

The main author behind the news pages is site owner and manager Richard.  As a Northern Canary Richard retains strong family and work ties with the area. When not following his beloved Norwich City Richard can be found 'playing trains' as a keen scale modeller in his spare time it helps unleash the creative side that football at Carrow Road over the years has not always fulfilled!  His modelling exploits can be found over on his personal sites 'Rich Models' and 'Cottingfield'

With all his family having strong ties to the area Richard is somewhat of an exile having lived in East Yorkshire since September 2000, however he retains a love for the club and attends as many Norwich matches as he can every season.

The site obviously doesn't come for free - and the adverts on it barely scratch the surface of the running costs, however as is always the way when it is a 'family club' as Norwich has always been deemed over the years there is someone willing to help.  And in this case it is the team at SK Home Furniture who very kindly host the site for us on one of their web servers free of charge. Without their support and generosity in doing this the site would have ceased to exist many years ago.

The articles on this site are written by supporters of Norwich City F.C, we do not claim to be professional writers or reporters what so ever, and are simply doing this because of our love for the club

Occasionally we may get carried away in the heat of the moment, but that is only natural for sport, or get excited by a rumour we have heard, that then ends in dissapoinement as it is ultimately not true, so sorry if something on this site ends up being over-egged or in the end just plain wrong - we don't willingly post junk, it just happens by accident on occasions.

If you fancy joining the writing team you are always more than welcome.  Be it for the love of the game, or wanting to break into journalism all contributions that are non-political are always more than welcome.  At the end of the day we all love Norwich City Football Club and just want hat is best for it.