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Officials Take the Limelight Again

A massive hard earned point, a first class effort. A game that was over shadowed by 3 very dubious decision by the officials, first the Bunn sending off,  the ball clearly hit Bunn in the lower chest and hit the underside of his arm. How any advantage could be attained by that I have no idea, how that can even be classed as deliberate again leaves me stumped.

The Bassong One,  before we even start to look at it, Fletcher was offside, play should have been stopped at that point.  The ball was put back into Bassong allowed it to hit his chest, his arm was part the way back from being level with his chest, the ball hit his arm.   Not only is that a very soft soft penalty, play should have been taken back for the offside.

Rose incident,   Martin crossed the ball Rose's arm was clearly out a little from his side  when the ball struck it, he was clearly a step or two inside the area,  this is the same linesman who gave the Bassong penalty.  Foy gave it as a free kick outside the area, where was the linesman for this one.  

This is what frustrates players manager and fans alike a lack of consistency from the officials, it is bad enough watching this inconsistency over the weeks and even worse when it a but a few minutes apart. 

Those three decisions effected the rest of the game and could have had a massive bearing on the result and league placings,  if these officials are the best we have got then we are in a bot of a mess.

Still despite this the display from City was outstanding, compact disciplined and very organised to hold on with 10 men for an hour of the game speaks volumes about the strength and character of the side. There was far more than simply holding on to it.  We denied Sunderland a real sight on goal, denied them space, created our own break aways where we were unlucky not to get more from the game. 

Sunderland it must be said have the look of a side devoid of confidence and not much in the way of ideas when they get in the final third of the pitch, with Fletcher and Graham looking like strangers and quite ineffective.  I have shared my concerns over the way we have been playing, getting worried at odd times, but if I was a Sunderland supporter I would be shouting my concerns and a hell of a lot more worried.


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