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2 Ins & 2 Outs - Who Is Next?


Harry Toffollo: Our young left back who had slipped down the pecking order whilst on loan at Rotherham has dropped a division to go to Peterborough on loan for the rest of the season where he should get better game time than the occasional U-21 fixture if he had stayed here.

Gary Hooper:  He had good times and bad times, who can forget the last inute winnder at Bolton and the ensuing incident after the match with the sprinkler.

Unfortunately his time here was littered with accusations of hime slow, disinterested in football and too interested in Pies, at £3m Sheffield Wednesday will feel they have got a good deal and I think we can too for a player unlikely to make Premiership standard consistently

Ins: These have been well documented over the last couple of weeks so I won't go on again, suffice to say they won't be the last with Alex Neil hoping to do 'another 2 or 3 bites'

I for one am enjoying the transfer window this time round as every deal we have done looks spot on so far

Keep up the good work!

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