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2 points dropped, but much improved

You could argue that having been 2-0 up that today represented 2 points dropped - but the overall performance was much improved on the last five games

AN when asked why we didn't try and look after the lead with a change in tactics \

'we sink deeper & they just hit Carroll in the air'

'Whenever we have retreated we tend to concede. I wanted us to stay on the front foot.'

Fair enough, and I admire the attacking intentions, with Ruddy back and the Klose looking settled the defence looked a lot stronger, but I still remain concerned about the ongoign selection of Basson over Ryan Bennett, and equally the same debate about Martin versus Pinto at right back - you have to worry about our scouting prowess if we have decided after two games he isn't good enough despite spending £3m on him

With O'Neil and Howson in the centre the core of the midfield looked much better balanced, and the threat of Hoolahan and Naismith in front of them looked good throughout, just lacking the poise and confidence to make the most of the promising positions they repeatedly found themselves in

Despite the dissapointment of the dropped points I'm feeling more confident than I did a week ago, and with Newcastle 3 goals down at Stamford Bridge as it stands we will find ourselves outside of the relegation zone tonight.

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