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A cracking first half

More of the same in the second half please city

They looked the better prepared, given the Middlesborough bus turned up late with just an hour to go until kick off, you could argue the players were still on the bus.

City started the game on the front foot, looking to have learned from the league game at Carrow Road a few weeks ago and never let up, the stats may suggest that it was an even game so far with possession 50:50 and 3 shots each, but City's quality shone through, fans of Top Gear will understand this, but it was as if Jeremy Clarkson had given the team talk, with the performace all focussing on 'Speed and Power' as the solution, and Jerome using both to rob Ayala for the first goal, which he made look easy and speed being a key part on Redmond's goal too.

The second half is just about to kick off and Middlesborough have just had to replace Whitehead at half timedue to injury

Plenty of shots in the first half of a party atmosphere for the City fans, with the cameras picking out Huckerby in the crowd having a ball, and Delia being very warmly greated around the half hour mark when a shot of her was put up on the big screen

On The Ball City!  Premiership here we come at this rate

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