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A Day to Forget

I could see the funny side of things, if a great classic motown song was played this saturday at Carrow Road.  The Four Tops   "It's the same old song"

Sadly City have started much the same as they left off last season, forget the records of losing the first game of the season for donkey years, the torrid time on the Road, but it is enough just to look at the simple facts, of not scoring and being their own worst enemy, are more than enough to cause concerns

On paper (wish football was played on paper this morning)  City field a strong positive looking side, two players who are good on and using the ball, Surman and Hoolahan add a player who can break up play and pick an odd pass,  in Johnson.

Added with the speed of Redmond, Bennett and Grabban, plus an experience back four in front of an England keeper.  Should we have had such a lack lustre effort along with such unadventurous football ?

I must be honest,  I did expect to see Chris Hughton standing near the dug out.   

Apart from a short spell, City never looked like they were at the races,  Wolves played with such passion and eagerness that has been missing from City play for such a long while, that will to win, that belief that we are not beaten along with that desire to run through brick walls have gone, and will seemingly take a lot longer to reinstill,  than everybody expects or wants.

Wolves were good value for their win, they showed better in every department and won just about every personal battle out on the field.   Given Adams has kept (at the moment) the hard core of last season's squad, it looks like they have forgotten how to win a game, only to try and limit what damage can be done.

It really is a day to try and forget,  not only was it a bad game with Olsson getting sent off,  it is now headline news that Olsson is seen pushing the Ref.  

  It is all well and good that Olsson apologised to his colleagues, but what about the 1500 or so City supporters who have started where they left off also, backing their team to the hilt. 

Now we hear that the exemplary yellow following are being investigated for Racist remarks.

Just to rub a little more salt into the opening wounds, we were told that Pilkington was suppose to have a niggle of an injury which kept him out of contention. 

Only for the player to tweet that He was FULLY FIT,  a little after Adams was interviewed by the media. 

I believe that we could have done with Pilkington's experience on the park, than sitting twidling his thumbs

It is looking very much like the Good Ship Canary,  is perhaps not sailing in totally calm seas.  I am wondering if there are more players who are unhappy and want a move than we are lead to believe. 

Time will tell .. a day to forget for sure but it could have been much worse.

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