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A Deserved Point

A late leveller from Bassong earned City a deserved point at Everton, after a below standard first half where Everton failed to capitilze on their dominence, City came out in the second half a lot more determined to play.  As the half wore on City looked more and more likely to get something from the game. 

But it didn't come until the last minute of the game, Garrido swung over a very high long cross from a free kick, Bassong rose above and ahead of everyone to plant the ball into the net, with keeper Howard looking to make a right pig's ear of trying to save it., City saw out the remaining minutes of extra time to collect a very good point.

A lot of whinging and discussion over the free kick, if you believe Evertonians; Morison wasn';t touched by the close attention of Baines from behind,   TV footage seems to bear this out, but that is from the front where it looks like Morison makes a right tit of himself by missing his kick.    The ref was a little way away but had a  more side on view that  the camera's didn't have; he saw something and awarded the free kick.  I have watched Morison now for nearly two seasons and to be honest I have never seen him miss his kick or fall over without contact being made.

I said earlier there was a lot of whinging about the incident on every Everton site I have read, not one of them can show evidence to show anything clearly,  so you have to take what the officials award, and they cannot tell me they haven't ever been awarded a free kick, even a penalty that shouldn't have been

It is swings and roundabouts you lose some and win some, but lets be honest it wasn't as if we were awarded a penalty was it  ? The free kick was out wide on the wing , closer to the touch line than their area and closer to the half way line, again than their area.

It wasn't as if they didn't have defenders in the melee in the box,  they also had players on the goal line, but still Bassong got to the ball first to plant his effort into the net with Howard grasping at nothing and ending sprawled in the back of the net.

One site tries to claim that City moved the place of the free kick,  For God's Sake,  honestly would a yard have made any difference given where the inciodent took place ?  but they make no mention of Baines doing exactly the same thing on more than one occassion and in a more dangerous place.    We'll over look that shall we ?

Frustration I understand, another poor result from a team that started off well, they are now unable to keep the momentum going, another home draw against a team they see as minnows who should roll over for the bigger teams.    That's another established Premier team to take too lightly and under estimate City, they join the ranks of Arsenal, Spurs Stoke and Manchester Utd.

I say to them just get on with it, that is football, but it must be  hard to find your team failing again for another season.  We might fail, we might get relegated but that's football. But of one thing I am sure it won't be without giving it one hell of a go.  And not whinging over minor matters when things don't go as you expect.


Things didn't go so well for Simon Lappin sent off in the 88th minute in Cardiff's win at Barnsley yesterday. Lapps was got in to help an injury crisis at Cardiff and now will have to be missing as well. Wonder how happy Malky is ?

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