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A New Low

After witnessing the scenes from Serbia last night there cannot be many football fans who care about the image of the game who do not want to see the Serbian National Teams banned from all European and World competitions.

I went along to the Under 21 game at Carrow Rd last week, I had the feeling that the players were going to be on the end of some rough stuff, after watching some of the tackles and antics of the Serbians that night, I did not expect to witness such disgusting scenes as I did last night.

Not only was the racist supporters but the players, and coaches as well that joined to bring the game into new depths of disgust.

They must be banned at all levels Internationally and at club level forced to play all cup games away.

Plus any clubs in this Country who had Serbian players involved last night need to seriously question them when they return.  If I was in charge of any club who had a guilty player from last night I would be seeking for my club to tear up his contract and send him back to sender.

I realise that things are not so simple, but we all have our own views of punishment that we would like see served, but have to leave to the world governing bodies to act,  I am sure others share my thoughts of will they really serve a worthwhile punishment ?

I very much doubt it, but live in hope

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