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A Season of " Must Wins"

On the eve of the next vital game, at the end of a week where the players thought that the travelling army deserved their money back for the long haul trip to Swansea.  A commendable gesture, but surely there have been too many games this season where the same gesture could have easily been applied to also,  too many.  Each and every one who makes these expensive away day trips would much prefer a display that contained some fight and passion. Not the meek and guttless shows they have had to witness.  I have nothing but admiration for them.

Don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of hearing this is a game City must win, I view every game as equally important as the next one, it has become a season of Must Wins. Had the the business prior to this been done, we would not be in this position.   In truth they only have themselves to blame, from the Top to the Bottom. 

We have been over and over whether we think Hughton should go or stay, or if he is the right man for the job or not, there cannot be much more left to say on any of the matters, it is far too late. Instead of worrying about whether we rate him or not,  we need to get behind the team by making as much bloody noise as possible.  If the players can not perfom, at home with 20 odd thousand shouting fans getting behind them, then they don't deserve to be pulling on the Jersey perhaps even not playing in this league. 

If playing the game at this level and being paid handsomely for it isn't enough to make you put your all into it, then perhaps you are in the wrong employment.  Just what many of us mere supporters would have given to become a Pro football ?  It was my dream when I had a trial for Colchester (many, too many moons ago)  I would have done anything..well maybe not anything, but you get my drift. I had to settle for what I did second best, scratching around trying to make a half decent living.

Snoddy received some stick in some quarters for his reactions a while back,  but hell the man has some passion and fight about him, I wish some of that would rub off onto other players and the management trio too

Anything other than 3 points tomorrow simply isn't good enough, games are running out, we have been witness to,  far too many points being chucked and given away.  WBA are no stronger or weaker than City,  no matter how the manager views them. They are there to be beaten and nothing else will do.

While we still have a little destiny in our own hands,  it has to be taken, there can no doubts or no other way of looking at it.

There can be no excuse's anymore.  


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