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Action or Lack of It

Everyday  many of us scan the newsfeeds, various rumour sites and any other source we can find, looking for something  that gives a little clue if we are planning to or looking at a player.  I know that this isn't always  reliable, but it is what we have at our disposal.

But constantly every day, sometimes every hour another source carries a story of who is chasing, our players,  we have Fer, Redmond, RVW, Hooper, Tettey and Olsson as the leading contenders to be sold to a range of clubs which now Newcastle have been added to. 

I do not want to see any of those sold, who would these boys are more than capable of getting us challenging, but the longer this goes on the more of the window closes.  I would hate to see us selling players on the last couple of days of the window when there is hardly anytime to find a replacement.   The squad could be drastically short in all depts. 

Yes we have our youth players which Adams says he isn't scared to use,  I have to applaud that and welcome the blooding of our home grown talent, but are these boys going to last a season, or are they going to hide a little when a burly defender sends them crashing in the hoardings ?  We know the Championship is perhaps more a man's league than the Premiership, it takes hard graft and loads of grit to get through a season, are youth players up to that fight.

I know this may be a strange thing to say, but if some of those names above are going to be sold and I reckon many of the faithful expect that, would not it be better to get that done and dusted sooner rather than later.  Slap a large price tag on the heads and see if clubs are interested enough and perhaps desperate  then pay the bloody money and get it over with.

If that happens Let's see some action in the entrance door to Colney with good players who have that little bit extra in their locker, which is an addition to what we have, not a same as.

I sincerely hope that we get to the window with as many as possible still pulling on the Green adn Yellow, and not a squad filled up with youth and cheap loans and buys.  We have been here before....and what did that that get us, many long years in this league.


Still waiting for some concrete news an the Tettey to Sunderland Rumour, it is looking like it is just that, an idle rumour



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