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Adam Drury.... The Right Way To Conduct Your Business

A  Look at  the actions of Adam Drury over a contract.

Drury was offered a 1 year deal, he took his own council and sorted out a deal with another club that suited him for the remaining playing years he has left.

He shortly was to be out of contract so could have easily put himself in the shop window by drawing attention to the fact the club offered him only a year  . Yes Drury has an agent,  but did he hear from Him ?  Yes Drury uses Twitter,     but gave no clue what so ever what was about to happen . Did he mention one word of wanting to leave ?  


Why ?  He had more respect for Himself,  the club and its fans by going about his dealings quietly and in private,  when the deal was finalised, then and only then did he go public

Still being the respectful person he obviously is!

Leeds have got themselves a model and loyal professional both on and off  the field,  added to his playing quailities of an outstanding full back.  Leeds have one hell of a person. 

It saddens me a little to read some of the comments I have read on some Leeds sites concerning Drury, grossly unfair,  and grossly uninformed, he is head and shoulders above  some of the dross that  have pulled on a Leeds shirt over the years.  


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