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Adams Out ! Seriously

Seriously this is not my call, but some are already calling for the guy to be replaced, that is just plain absurd.

Yea we have slipped a little from the lofty heights we set ourselves earlier. Teams have sussed us out they know they cannot possibily compete toe to toe with us, so they do what is best for them.   Park the bus and wait.   This has worked a little too well.  I would have hoped Adams and Co would have worked out an answer to it by now.  

After saturday's defeat the urgency is a lot more than it was at 3pm as we eagerly waited for the first points at Craven Cottage for a very long time.   (1986 and Kevin Drinkell)   But the same City pattern emerged as the game wore on,  it is not a lot of good having all of the ball if you don;'t score, just ask  Fulham, Rotherham, Charlton, Birmingham and Bournemouth. They were all more than happy to let us play with the ball then  hit us hard on the break. 

  No doubts about it it worked.

But to call for another manager is past a joke,  knee-jerk reaction that has got other clubs into trouble, Neil Adams and his backroom team must be given a reasonable time to work out a way round or through this current situation. If this was christmas and a longer list of dropped points then perhaps it would be time to think again. But October ..O Please

As fans we all have our own ideas of how he needs to go and how he should do things.   But The important thing is we are Fans, nothing more and certainly not less.   It is those that are or have been involved in the professional game who really know what the score is

I will only add that Neil Adam has built a very good squad and now is the time to start to work that squad,  there are players on the fringe of the first 11 who should now be getting their chance to impress and do the job, 

Some players have suffered a dip in form, these are the ones who need replacing.  However  I do feel that Adams has favourite players, while there is nothing wrong with that in a sense, the problem for me , is when these players are still being selected with their form lower,  ahead of others who have not been given the chance yet.

It is easy to name players who we would like to see dropped or picked, but it has to be those that are struggling, not playing their best.  There are alternatives sitting on the bench or in the stands,   O Neil, Bennett, Howson, Odjidja and McGrandles it is a sure bet not many teams will know much about the latter two.


Finally,  Gary Hooper wanted by Bolton,  it stands to reason Neil Lennon would want this guy, Hooper has been at his most successful while playing under Lennon.  What bothers me is letting it leak to the press, which I am sure is a ploy of unsettling a possible already unsettled player.   But in saying that I am also sure Lennon and Hooper do have each others phone numbers. 

It cannot be allowed to happen, already mistakes have been made,  who would have guessed Bassong would be allowed to to go to a title challenging rival ?   Who now sit on the top rung.  

Also I see allowing Becchio depart was a mistake too, it was a forgone conclusion that a striker would eventually have a dip in form and confidence.   It is time to really shake the squad up, I maybe a tad old fashioned, but for me getting out of this league is still more of a kick than of a pass. 

For that reason I would plonk Lafferty and Hooper together in a standard 4-4-2 . there is my view as a fan.  what do I know

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