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Adams Returns To Club

Announced on Friday was the news that Neil Adams has returned to the club as stated when he left the manager's seat a few months ago

Now I know a lot of Norwich fans might have expected him to fill the vacant under 21's position, but that has beentaken and he has returned in a position of "Loans Manager"

Now I don't know of too many clubs that have this as a position - so what does it entail?

  • Overseeing the progress of all our youngsters that are out on loan and making sure the best development they can get is happening
  • Securing Norwich's commercial position in an increasing lucrantive market for clubs at the top of the football pyramid

David McNally was quoted as saying "(Neil's) knowledge of players, his coaching experience and his understanding of the modern loan market will all be a huge asset in this newly-created role.

"This will help the club to ensure our players receive maximum benefit from their time spent on loan.""

With the benefit of hindsight this is probably a role we should have had a year or two ago, it sounds like an ideal role for Adams as he helps many of our brightest prospects kick on in the game, in a way he managed very sucessfully with the youth cup, and I'm glad the club have decided to look after him following his ill fated spell as manager

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