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Adams Stock Continues To Rise

Seven games in and drawing close to that ten game mark which many supporters decided was enough to make thier judgement on Neil Adams as manager.    I admit not to being overly impressed with the board's decision to offer the post to Adams, but more than willing to see just what he could do.   I would never be classed as a total Adams Outer if it went pear shaped,  I would be more sad than anything that another City stalwart would fall from grace in supporters eyes as did Gunn.

I honestly cannot see how anyone can be dissatisfied in any way with what Adams and his Team have done, apart from the first game blip, it has been nothing short of impressive, after suffering what was termed as dull, uninspiring negative football over the last two seasons gone.  What has been on offer has gone nigh on all the way in dispelling that depressive period from the mind.  

Yes things can go wrong, it doesn't take much to throw a spanner in the works of a well oiled machine, we will no doubt lose an odd game here and there, also  there will be games that we will have to grind out any points which will be removed from what will become the norm.  I do believe that Adams philosophy will not alter too much during the road ahead, he had compiled a squad that will ensure his brand of positive attack mind football will continue.  

To back this up you can do no better that read the word of Cameron Jerome in a recent interview  in the Pink Un, where he says:

"I would say he is probably the most attack-minded manager I have played under in terms of the way he sets up a team"


"“I noticed that straight away. He believes in them and he tells us to go out and express ourselves and play good football. That is his philosophy. He gives certain players licence to hurt oppositions but he also wants a high work-rate without the ball.”

He says earlier in this interview that what Adams had to say to him before he put pen to paper made a very strong case for moving to Norfolk, he put it like this:

“Neil probably had to have that transition from when he was developing younger players but every manager has to start somewhere and it is nice to see the club show that faith in him,” he said. “He is an ex-player here and he had great success at Academy level. From what I have seen so far he is very enthusiastic and his philosophy on the pitch is refreshing. The manager has everyone’s respect and you have to earn that. I had a good couple of conversations with him before I joined and I was impressed with what he had to say and he convinced me to make the move here and be a part of something good this year.”

Jerome is no mug,  he has many years of experience in playing in the championship and Premier league , I believe he knows a half decent manager when he works with one, I would sooner place my confidence in a player who is currently working under that manager than some pundit or so called expert who probably has not set foot inside Carrow Road for donkies years.

No doubt the jury is still out for some and perhaps will always be out for a few, and they lay in wait for a slip up or mistake, they will always be there no matter who manages the club.   Often times when putting electronic ink on paper we can appear to start to speak for other supporters  which really isn't the intention;so I will stress I am one supporter that is very content and very happy with Neil Adams and his players.

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