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All quiet on the outgoings at the moment

Guess it has to be expected really, as for all the speculation about who is going to up and leave first most of the darlings are on holiday still.

Fer is off in Brazil - but by all accounts seemingly just having a holiday

Hooper was last seen a day or so ago in Ibiza on holiday according to his twitter feed, and i'm sure Snodgrass is off somewhere hot too

One who is in the UK at the moment and has been getting some press attention in the gossip columns is Ruddy who seems to have spent today at Alton Towers with the family - at least it is the wrong direction from all the London clubs he has been linked with!

It's nice to have gone a couple of days with no rumours of bids that seemingly under value any of our players - although i'm sure they will all kick off again soonn once players start returning from holidays and the world cup - as a Norwich fan i'm keen for us to keep as many of our Premiership squad as we can, so it's nice at present to no see more rumours of incomings than outgoings!


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