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Almost a Repeat Performance of 2005

For the first time since Colchester Utd at Home, have I felt like this.  I turned off the computer feeds and radio.  And before anyone says, anything  It isn't just the defeat it is the manner of defeat.  These are the same players who would run through a brick wall, never knowing when they were beaten.  Even when getting hammered by Manchester City, they still kept fighting.

I can't say I saw any of that attitude anywhere today,  from the first goal they looked beaten,  and no wonder, playing Holt on his own, I heard the commentators mention at least  5 times that he cut a lonely figure with nothing to go at and no support from anywhere.  We managed 1 shot on target and 1 off  with the grand total of 2 corners to show for 45 minutes.

I hope to god that Hughton and Co don't stick with this style or it will be over by Christmas,  I would like to know just what they have done to these players because they didn't look anywhere near to what they did last season.  If you are going to play a more defensive system, make sure you have the defenders to do so, and clearly we have not. 

I really hate to say this but on this showing and effort we are in for a very long hard season, while getting use to results like this one.

And to be honest I don't give a monkey's that QPR also got thumped or Liverpool or anyone else, I care only for my team.


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