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An Improved Offer on It's Way... Shock

Good old Sky Sports on safe ground with their latest piece on the Hooper bid, they say we are going to make an improved offer.

Think it sort of stands to reason we would go back with a better offer as the first was rejected.   Hughton wants the player so will clearly bid again, eventually it will reach a piont where City say enough is enough that's above what we want to pay or Celtic fold and will cash in on their star man.

It could rumble on for a while, Celtic will try and stall as much as possible to get to Feb 1st, already Neil Lennon has seemingly taken a dictatorial attitude with Hooper telling him "He is Not Going Anywhere"   Then having a go at City for making a bid that unsettles his player.

He needs to get outside of his cozy enviroment more,  and he would know that's how football works, club's bid for other teams players, doesn't he do that  for the players he wants ?   And as for leaking it to the press  some of his signings were in the media days before he signed them. 

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