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And Swansea Were Worried

I missed writing a piece last week after a stirring performance and 3 valuable points, O I wish I had it would have been good to be able to write something positive.  I no doubt would have ended with what has become usual for me, " that if the good work work of this game isn't carried on into the next it will serve nothing"

Sadly  No very sadly the same thing has happened again, a good show followed by the Honey Cart  (if readers do not know what the Honey cart is  google is your friend.

And to think the Swansea Fans were worried about this game...they really needn't have been

I am almost at a loss of what to write,  I can really only question why Hughton did not bring Redmond on at the start of the second half, his pace would have scared a weak Swansea defense,  perhaps the midfield should have had more bodies in there from the start.  But had he done that, and not gone with his winning set up he would have been crucified, I believe he was dammed if he did and dammed if he didn't. 

This one is down to the players,  with the odd exception not one really had the stomach for a fight and it clearly showed.  They can go in the media and spout many things, which is very easy a lot easier than having to show passion and fight for the Shirt.

Again the marvellous travelling support were treated to another total crap performance, they really do deserve 100% better for the thousands and thousands of pounds they spend.   The player pick up their wages which amount a vast amount more than the average supporter gets, he is probably scared to dream of such amounts. 

Roll on the end of the season, hoping something is done somewhere at the club.. A final thought, I hope the Board are prepared for any back lash if this little gamble fails.

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