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The media are doing their best to big up Tony Andreu . being touted as City's version of Frank Lampard in one article then in another he said to be similar to Cesc Fabregas by former Rangers defender  Dave McKinnon, who now works at Hamilton Accies.

That is far too much weight to stick on the Frenchman shoulders before he has kicked a ball for his new club, why is there a need to big him up,  with any player the choice is the managers, Neil knows him, has managed him, that should be enough for any City follower whether in the media or not

Lets get a little perspective, he struggled at his French club so moved to an unknown Swiss side before coming to Livingston and then onto Hamilton. Celtic never bought him which sometimes is  saying more than that can be written.

He cost approx a million quid for City to get him, after scoring goals quite regually this season in the Scots prem  (about Championship to topof L1 standard)

We would never have heard of him had not Alex Neil become manager.

The guy I hope does turn into one of the above,  but for me let's see what we have got for next to nothing   if he can step up to the pace, the rough and tumble of the Championship,  plus add a few goals, then I and many,many others will be more than happy.

But there is no need to media hype the guy.

If he is reminiscent of either or both Lampard or Fabregas, then City wil be in for one hell of a pay day later as the really big boys will be calling with cheque books waving in the breeze. with the noughts already written

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