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Another Point ..After More of The Same

While yesterday's game was another one to forget, it was another point towards safety,  I could sit and go on about the players struggled throughout the game,  how 3 efforts at the goal, is a paltry amount,  how Snodgras and Holt should have scored. How the players look almost scared to set foot out of thier own half at times..How they look scared to lose rather than looking to win ..  but what is the point ?  

These things have been repeated more than enough over the last weeks.

However that is another small step on the path to survival, the experts always say, if you pick up points when playing poorly is the sign of a good side... I don't know if I fully buy into that, but 1 point is better then none, never mind the other two that get away.

For all this talk of how Hughton has tighened up the defence,  at the expense of a more attacking system,  we have after 29 games conceeded 45 goals and scored the grand total of 27.  Last season after the same amount of games we had let in the staggering total of 46 but had scored 39 .

The only thing that this tightening up of the defence has done is to gain us the princely sum of being 1 goal better off,  some tightening up.   The payment for this is stifling, defensive minded football,  where the players look almost scared to attack and seemingly are forgetting how to shoot and score.  I know Old Trafford is one of the most difficult grounds to play at, but when you hear that City were seen as the most negative side to have played there, does say something.

Hughton has said he doesn't care how we get there as long as we do,  so the remaining games are very likely to be much more of the same. For those amongst us who like to see a faster flowing passing  type of football perhaps we should stay away, because we are going to be even more frustrated and dare I say bored too. 

  Hughton brief is to keep the club in the Premier League,  I only hope that this brief changes next season, to one of  building and progressing,  because I would find it hard to bear another season of football like this one.  My understanding of listening to Hughton, that he doesn't consider his players good enough to offer more than what they are, every team we play ,` praises are sung of how good they are, with a general bigging them up.

So if he doesn't make more than usual amount of changes to his squad,  I would imagine many amongst the Yellow following would want to know why. Plus if he doesn't alter his defensive mind set with the buying of players he considers better equipped, then further questions need to be asked.  I admit to saying this was always going to be a difficult season, but I do think Hughton has not made it any easier at all. 

Next season I fear that people will not be so generous towards the manager,  if he continues down the same path.




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