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Apparently Di Matteo is on The List

Not wish to simply rehash other's stories or copy other sites leads in this, but I just had to say something about the Sportsdirect article today.   One where they have a senior City source, who has spilled the beans on who could be City's next manager if Chris Hughton fails.

the article says:    "Roberto Di Matteo is understood to be Norwich’s preferred successor if current boss, Chris Hughton, is unable to get the Canaries back to winning ways."

A manager I would welcome so much to the club, I would help pay the taxi fee,  and one I have banged my drum about before today.   But just how this Mystery source would get to see McNally's list is another mystery to me anyways.

The next piece is just as enlightening:  "Hughton, who remains a popular figure at Carrow Road despite a slump in form that has seen City go eight matches without a win, is under no illusions that tomorrow’s home clash against 10th-placed Hull is a must-win match."

Where the idea comes from that Hughton is a popular figure, I am sure that the source has no real idea of the real feeling amongst those on the terraces.  It just isn't those 8 matches, it is a season and a half that has seen no growth and no change on the pitch, the football if anything has taken a turn for the worse.  We have limped from One Must Win to the Next.

Their source goes on with nothing that anyone of us supporters would say   While I sort of agree nobody expected this dogfight, but I for one am not surprised one iota.

"We’ve spent a lot of money this season and nobody expected us to be slogging it out in a relegation dogfight."

“Chris is a top bloke. But he’s got to show more steel and resolve in the big matches that are coming up, starting with Hull tomorrow.

“If the unthinkable happens, and we lose that game, then the clock really will be ticking as far as the manager is concerned.

I don't know about the clock ticking I would say the fecking alarm would be ringing so loud and clear nobody, even the hard of hearing could ignore it.  

I just wonder who this Senior Source is,  not being rude to anyone, but I have the picture of one of our senior supporters who gets a little benefit on his season ticket price In the old days we called them OAP,s  Also I see two guys playing the scenario out between themselves in the Sports Direct Office.  Or do we thank  Di Matteo's agent ?


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