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Are They Going to be Queuing For Ruddy ?

As you would expect the rumours are starting to fly the rounds, the major one this week concerns John Ruddy, with national newspapers suggesting that Neil Warnock (Colin to his friends) is going to renew interest in taking our big man to Selhurst park for competition with Speroni. 

  While Ruddy's old club Everton now managed by Roberto  Martinez  are thought to want him as replacement for American Tim Howard, who is thought to be heading home to the states to finish off his playing days.

I simply cannot see Ruddy wanting to go as understudy at Palace,  he is a number one keeper here why go down a notch to a club that is not that established in the Premier League, unlike Everton.

   I can see him jumping at the chance to go back to Goodison,  a case of perhaps unfinished business. 

Who would want to stand in his way ?  I certainly would not think any less of him if he does move to Everton or another established club, he deserves his chance, I do wonder if he will wait until the end of the season to see whether City are promoted or not,  a gamble but a thought he may consider.

But he isn't going to come cheaply as the reports have suggested, it will be considerably more than the £4 million suggested, he is still young, with premiership experience and an England International, who could easily break back into the scene being back in the premier.

So I do believe City followers maybe bracing themselves for this exit,  I know the big mans form has suffered a little of late, but he has not suddenly became a bad keeper over night,  he has saved this club far many more times than letting it down.   I feel that the recent treatmment he received may still play a part of his thinking when contemplating a move.

That is very sad if  it does as the guy has been a rock for City, one of the few who can righty hold his head higher than many,   I can honestly see other clubs queuing up for his signature



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