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Are They Serious About Buying ?

I realise that us mere mortals are not privvie to what goes on inside the world of football  nor any transfer dealings, but I do wonder just what is going on with the Gary Hooper saga.

Neil Lennon claims that a second improved offer Celtic recieved was rejected,  fair enough, but he goes on a little further by saying "if you can call it an improved offer"   "it was not much more than the original figure"

I believe that there was hardly any difference in the offer money wise only structured differently

When asked if it was £6million, Lennon said: "It was nowhere near six million. It was completely rejected and even if it was six million it would be completely rejected."

The first offer was reported to have been £5 million,  why bother to go back and offer next to nothing higher but just set it out differently.  Is somebody having a laugh ? Not taking this seriously ?

The fans of both clubs more or less know Celtic want at least £7 million for Hooper, they are not desperate to sell for any reason other than money.   It is OK to go in with the first bid lower just to test the water so to speak, but why on earth go back with hardly a different second offer.  That is taking the piss out of the selling club and I imagine insulting to them.  Also I imagine City would feel exactly the same way.

A few days have been wasted on these pointless offers and has only served to chalk a few days off the time left of the open window, alerted other clubs of what to come in with it plus made Norwich City a subject of ridicule in the media.  I dare say many wouldn't be that bothered by the last point, but it matters to those who love and support their club through thick and thin, we have had enough of being taken the piss out of.

I have tried as hard as the next man to believe what my club says and does, but I honestly am having trouble believing that they are/were serious about buying Gary Hooper.  If they were the second offer would have drawn a different response from Celtic not the ridicule we have seen.

Then there is the Danny Graham offer, we read an offer of £5million also was lodged,  and that this was highier than what Sunderland bid,  yet all the talk has been about Graham going to join Sunderland.  I realise the club cannot do anything or share any responsibility for that, bit it does dent the hopes a little  There has been no further news on the offer whether it is enough or it has been rejected.   Also I am aware that it could be down to Swansea, as they do have a rather big game tonight and would clearly want that out of the way before getting down to any other business.

Graham of course could be stalling to see if The Swans get a Wembley final before deciding his next move. 

I have a question sitting in the back of my mind,  Have City been told to up their offer for Graham and are staying silent on the matter, because they don't have the money to get both Hooper and Graham which is what Hughton has said he wants ?

If we are serious about either of these players we should get on with it, stop buggaring about with offers we all know will get laughed at all the way back to Norfolk,  place an offer you are prepaired to to go. If that is rejected move on to the next one.   Or butt out of the market.







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