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As Brucie Would Say.....

   As the grand old man of TV used to say  " Good Game" "Quick look at the old scoreboard"    But after the first few minutes I wonder how many of us were getting ready to take over the mantle from Villa with most conceded over the holidays.

But the players responded well and steadied the ship, leading to Pilkington clipping in City's first . It was a shock to the system as the champions raced off into a 2 goal lead, although both seemed to have an element of help from the referee waving away clear fouls and a close call on hand ball.   Some of decisions all afternoon did make you wonder if he was personal friends with Mancini, especially when rubbing the backs of Man City players who had finally stopped rolling around when barely touched and  players leaving the field with a personal escort from Mr Jones.

Macini was ranting and probably still is (yawn)  over the sending off,  but those watching would have seen the ref first get his yellow card out and book someone, then walk over and talks with the lino for a while, then walk back on a show red to Nasri. It wasn't a rash on the spur of the moment decision but  Mancini just loves to feel hard done by and spout off as his stars were being given a game by,  in his eyes - inferior opposition 

I still have not seen any replays of Dzeko's  second, I would still swear that there was more than a hint an off side about it, but Adrian Forbes on Radio cleared that up saying it was borderline but just onside, still I feel Bunn shouldn't have beaten on his near post.  Easy to say as I was not on the end of the shot. 

Full credit to Russell Martin, we all talk about Grant Holt being a tailsman and a rock in the team, well I believe that should also extend to Martin,  he has been as solid as any City we have had for ages, and that includes playing in different positions. He always puts in a hell of a shift no matter where, he pops up and scores vital goals. just like yesterday, I and many others were willing him to get his hat trick, and all this from a player who looks to be second choice for the full back berth now.    Top draw stuff Russell.

Without wanting to shouted down as holding on to "Little Old Norwich"   I really didn't expect to get much from games against these star studded multi zillion pound teams, perhaps a little happy if we didn't get thumped 8-0 or something.    I would imagine that all over the country there are supporters who feel the much the same. despite what their local radio presenters say.

But we gave them one hell of a game, had them on the back foot and with a little more composure and luck we could have ended all square, which was exactly what we deserved, but as always it is a case of stopping them scoring and scoring yourself, and we didn't quite achieve that enough.  

If we had I would imagine all the reporters would been writing about what hero's Man City players were for going down to 10 men and getting a draw.   In fact they are saying much like that over the win, except it is a little more galling for the Yella City.

I still don't believe that going down to 10 men makes that much difference to a team like Man City, such in the depth and class of the squad, that can cover that and still attack from every area,  I think we saw a case of that exactly yesterday.

Yea we lost but I walked out of carrow Road and on to my nearby coach, full of pride in my team and not fussed we had just lost again,  we had in two games taken the European Champions to the wire, losing by one goal, then a few days later with injuries hitting the team, we took the League Champions right to the wire with them hanging on and using every time wasting trick there is, to win by one goal.   Now to be that is Positive Progress.

The game come thick and fast and not much tougher than what we have had, now we go on to West Ham, a tie that once would have been a game for the purists, but not so much these days, with the aeiral loving management at Upton Park.  Still we can enter the game with no fear what so ever, and play like we did (especially second half) on saturday and there is no reason what so ever we cannot come away with the second away win of the season.

Come on you Yella's

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