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Atishoo -Atishoo- They all Fall Down

I see Kyle Walker is a little upset over what City manager Chris Hughton said that he went down easily to win a penalty in the capitol One game on Wednesday Night.

I find Walker's comments a tad strange at the least,  but perhaps show the attitude of the modern player, Walker said:

"I'm from up north. I'm not going to go down softly,"

Now  what the hell has that got to do with anything, he is making out Northern people are heavier or are more theatrical ?

He went on to add:

I thought I got a clip so I went down. It was a foul. The referee has awarded a penalty, or the linesman did. They were close enough to see it.

"If I felt I was touched then I am going to go down. That's it

More interestingly in this little piece of insight,  is that he thought he got a clip, not that he definitely did.

Therefore, the "clip" wasn't enough to cause him too much of a problem then why did he fall over like a sack of  spuds ?    If he only thought he got a clip, then surely he put himself at risk of getting booked ?  

Why do the modern players fall like they have been poleaxed  when they get in the area, when anything form of contact outside of the area often draws no reaction whatsoever.  If on a run into the area and contact is made they will do everything in their power to stay on their feet.   But get inside that magical box and the story changes, the players become so unsteady on their feet that even the merest of contact will send them sprawling,   

The last piece from Walker's quote sums it all up:    IF I felt I was touched then I am going down.  That's It

So even if he is unsure, he is going to go down, not because it was a foul, not becuase a player gained an advantage by unfair play.  but simply because he feels he was touched.   A brushing of shirts, hair from a long haired player brushes his face, and down he goes clutching his face ?

What happened to staying on your feet  at all costs to allow your skill and talent to gain the advantage ?   That doesn't count anymore it is all about getting an advantage at any cost; whether that means CHEATING or not.

Diving has been at the forefront of the news recently, and I believe Walker's attitude  is far from rare, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that magagers and coaches encourage such unsportsman's like behaviour. It doesn't help one Iota when a one time respected player states on national television:

That if the attacking player is touched they have "a RIGHT" to go down.

Surely if there are ANY RIGHTS,  it is to try and stay on your feet to the best of your ability.  Not go round just waiting for the merest of touches to send you flying, like you have been fired from a cannon.

I am all for players to gain any advantage they can during a game, but by using skill and talent and captilising on any mistakes,  not by this which is CHEATING pure and simple.

What next a defender farts and the opposing player flies over holding his nose ? 

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