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Barnsley Manager Mouth's off

So the Barnsley Manager Keith Hill is up in arms and shouting the odds over Jacob Butterfield's move to City, or should I say the money involved.

He said in the Yorkshire Post:

“The initial offer received by the football club is an absolute joke. It is scandalous and disrespectful,” said Hill. “Jacob has been at the football club for a number of years. Last year, he was made team captain, he was selected for the England Under-21s, he was selected for the (provisional) Olympic GB team and, for me, it just stinks.

“I am very cynical about the whole tribunal affair,” he added.

“You never get a true reflection or valuation. It seems ridiculous that they (Norwich) will go to tribunal trying to get him for as little monetary value as possible which is probably a reflection of them not really fancying him – and they do, they do want to recruit him – but they don’t want to do the right thing and meet somewhere in the middle with respect to what we feel Jacob is worth and what they feel he is worth.

I honestly think the man needs to grow up a little, what does he expect, the player was out of contract,  after stating he wanted to play in the Premier League.   Whose fault is that ?  

Had he been older he would have walked away for nothing, at least this way his club are getting something out of it.   The valuation of players always differ between selling and buying clubs,  did he expect the buyer to come in and give him what he wants, when they don't have to ? Anyone tries to get away with a little as they can.  If he has been in football long enough, he should know how it works, and I am pretty sure, he has got away with things in his dealings.

He moans about premiership clubs doing this sort of thing, well get your board to get their act together and get in the promised land, Norwich City did it, from League One through to Prem  and with being a few pence away from adminstration.


So just get on with it  and shut up



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