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Better But still Nothing To show

I know this may sound rather harsh after such a good showing yesterday, but playing well got us nothing because of an age old problem that has become a bit of a hallmark of the Chris Hughton era, not taking what few  chances that are created.

I think Wellbeck really gave a little lesson in what to do when a rare opportunity presents itself, whether that as yesterday of good fortune or otherwise.  Am I saying that our strikers are not good enough to do that, of course not what the problem is and has been for a long while is the failure to move the ball quick enough in the final third.   Instead of movement for pinging the ball through it is either played all the way back into our own half or wasted throught frustration, thumped aimlessy over the top.

Had we played a little like yesterday then Fulham may have been on the end of their first thumping of the holiday instead of sneaking away with all three points. Hull certainly showed us and the rest of the league how to do it.

Yes we played well may have recouped a little pride but that did not add anything to the points total, thats another 3 valuable points that has got away.  We seem to reserve some of the better performances for Utd, while we let the bread and butter slip away.

This isn't as if we are seeing something new,  we witnessed it last season as well, we have a little high point by taking 3 steps forward only to take 6 back in the next game or two.  We limp from game to game, hearing excuse after excuse, just how much longer are the faithful going to be asked to put up with it.  They deserve better than what has been dished up.

It will soon be season ticket renewal price time, I wonder how many will decide to hang on until the last possible minute before deciding, I personally doubt many will because Norwich City followers are loyal and will back their team no matter what.  But it is something that I hope  the board will stop and give a few moments thought to it, these are the paying public who do deserve the best that can be given;  sadly that is falling well short.

Every time one of us suggests a change of manager, there is always somebody ready to say ...who would you replace him with.  To be honest I do not have a clue as to who is available or who fits the bill on any list our CEO has,   - Roberto Di Matteo is a free agent as far as I can work out.  If not replacing the manager is an option for what ever reason, then how about a coach .. We have in house already a very good up and coming coach  one Neil Adams or another who still close to the club and I believe has some coaching badges, Darren Huckerby.

Either of these two would be a great addition to the coaching team, two attacking players who bring a new dimension to the cautious approach of the set up already.

Perhaps a better option than a complete change of set up. 




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