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Blackburn Target Morison... O Really ?

I thought the silly season finished with the transfer window being shut and Premier league managers submitting their 25 man squads, naming the players who are allowed to play in league matches up until the New Year; when they have to submit another list.

 Chris Hughton has chosen and submitted his named squad list, meaning the players on that list are the ones he wants to use, meaning he is happy with his lot and cannot add to the list until the new transfer window opens. Then when he does he has to make room for the new player/s  by taking the same amount of players out, unless they are 21 or under.

According to The People,  Chris Hughton is going to reduce his 25 men to 24, claiming that striker Steve Morison is set to move out on loan.

Also that  Morison is finding himself squeezed out at Carrow Road following the arrival of new manager Chris Hughton.

They then  claim that Blackburn Rovers want to sign the Canaries forward on loan.

What a right load of Bull, why would Hughton or any manager whose worth his salt, work hard on getting his 25 man squad together for the first part of the season, then allow one to go out on loan from his chosen list knowing it weeks before there is any chance that he can be replaced ?  

Perhaps only those not in their right minds.  a bit like the Journo who dreamt this one up


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