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Bridcutt Crops Up Again, While the Saga Continues

Back to the cheaper range of players,  while the mucking about over Gary Hooper continues, The Star this morning has us back looking at Liam Bridcutt at Brighton.  The paper estimates that the midfielder will command a fee of around £3mill. 

If we are serious about getting Hooper, then I do believe City needs to stop mucking about  making offers that are getting ridiculed in the media by Celtic.  I am sure sure they know the asking price that Celtic will listen to, so why the hell not offer it, if they still reject that then think about moving on and leave it. alone.

These delays in making what are being called "derisory"  will allow other teams to step in, these clubs won't muck about they will blow us out of the water, simply giving the asking price.  Some fans are starting to believe we are not serious about buying at all.

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