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Build On that

What can you say,  there is just so much to sing the praises of,   but lets not forget these are the same players that Neil Adams had, the ones that had looked ordinary and below average at times lately.

Whether it was new manager syndrome or something else, whatever it was down to,  they all deserve huge credit, it was not just a case of going down to ten men that makes this special,  that can often work in their favour, but to lose one to a red, another to sickness,  and then the subsitute having to go off does make this win remarkable.  

The stunning goal from Jerome was rightly  the winning goal, had this been in the premiership we would be sick of seeing by now ( I know who can get sick of that)

To go to Bournemouth a team that are flying along with being unbeaten in 14 and come away with a result in these circumstances are nothing short of outstanding, a shame Eddie Howe can not be a little more gracious in defeat, laying the excuse for defeat at being under par and blaming the sending off as the big turning point.  I am sorry Mr Howe, if you could not change your tatctics and players to make the most of the extra man  just whose fault is it  ?   

Much of the credit has to go to Mike Phelan and Gary Holt and was good to see Alex Neil give them the credit, he picked his moment perfectly to become more involved by coming down to the touch line, I am sure that just gave the extra lift.

I hope now that this game can now be built upon for the launch pad, because if old habits return in the next game against Cardiff , it will lose all the meaning and hard work.    Don't expect Cardiff to come and bring the game to us, I imagine a bus parked and rely on catching us out, as many have done before.  But   I am sure Neil  is well aware of what has been happening, he did see City in all their flavours Saturday.

Now the hard work really starts...  We all need to be behind this new regime 100%   lets show ANeil just what Carrow Road is all about.

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