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Can City Afford Not To

I often decide to write a little more about a game the next day, after having a chance to give it some more thought or calm down after a poor showing.  Yesterday was perhaps the lowest point for a long while, but it was one game and doesn't effect our standing in the League; which i after all the most important thing.

Over the last couple of weeks we have read, seen and heard many different articles and rumours concerning the transfer in of players,  these include:

£10 million bids for Hooper and Graham, One gone all quiet and the other labelled derisory , we have gone from the excitement of these to under whelming talk of Kamara from the MLS , back to the exciting thought of  a Van Wolfwinkel lining up in Yellow.

Despite all this it would appear that City are no closer to signing anyone, I do add that is as far as we know in the public domain.   There are about 4 days left of this window and that is it until the season is over,  it really goes without saying everybody and his uncle knows we need more players. 

Many of us have been shouting the odds about strikers since the summer window closed, thinking what a error of judgement to allow a striker (who still had a point to prove)  to go out on loan before getting a replacement. When that replacement is brought it looked more like an old pals act for one of his previous clubs, than benefiting this on; I cannot say my view has changed on that neither.

The prize of being in the Premier league next season is the biggest ever, we are in a very enviable position of already sitting at the table,  it would be suicide to be forced to get down and excuse ourselves for the sake of buying some new cutlery.

I do believe that Messer's McNally, Smith, Jones Fulger Bowkett and Hughton have to sit down to discuss and decide if they can really afford to NOT sign a player or two..  Instead of .... can we afford to. 

Simples in the fans eyes.

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