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CarrowRoad.Net - Norwich City Football News is closing

O wow the biggest day for many a year is upon us, sadly due to ill health I will have to miss this, but will be watching on some stream I hope.

After the Manchester City final game, will close, at the moment the forum will continue under new ownership, I am not clear what is to be done with this part of the site as yet.

I think it is time for someone new fresh to take over the reigns and take it onwards, if that is what they want to do, there is no money involved it isn't worth anything financially and if it was I would still be giving it away, It will be down to them as to what exactly happens and how they see things progressing. 

I have enjoyed writing or should we say trying to write,  it was never the idea to be perfect in anyway just get the news and views out there as quickly as we could.  I know from the comments I have received many enjoyed reading the site while others were not so complimentary.

Thank you for support over the last 13 years ....


Now on to the match, there is no point going on and on, everybody knows what's needed,  so it really leaves not a lot to say except come on you Yellas, and Lift the darn roof of the place.

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