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Celebrities join activists to back action on disability work tests

City's Own Actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry and political media personality Sally Bercow are among those backing a big online campaign to raise awareness about the injustices wrought by the flawed Work Capability Assessment (WCA), which is being used to block vitally needed benefits for many sick and disabled people.

They have joined other activists in endorsing a Twitter and Facebook 'crowdsourcing' initiative to publicise The People's Review of the WCA - a 70-page report written by disabled people which exposes the unfairness, indignity and suffering the current system is inflicting on thousands of vulnerable people.

Please !  we ask that you can throw your support behind this Campaign and any other campaign, 

I am sure that nearly all of us know someone who is disabled and incapable of holding down employment, yet will have to go through HELL to simply show they cannot to receive what they are entitled to by Law

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