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Championship Here We Come

Any lingering hope of a miracle escape from the jaws of relegation are fading quicker than a chocolate kettle on the boil.  With half time a few minutes away at Sunderland, the home side are 2-0 against WBA.   It would have taken a miracle for City to hang on in the premiership, Sunderland the form team of the moment, would need to lose tonight and again in the last game against Swansea, While City had the small matter of beating Arsenal in our last game.

So it is championship football facing us all now, unless the miracle happens oin the 2nd half at Stadium of Light,  The blame for this really lies with the Board. 

  It will be a interesting and perhaps worrying at the same time,  for City fans over the coming weeks. of who wants to leave, who will leave and if a new manager will be entering the doors.  Will McNally resign or  be sacked or stay where he is,


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