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City Claw Back Pride and More

A much improved City gave the packed Carrow Road a stirring performence last night and are a little unlucky to only get a share of the spoils.   They were the far better side for over 70 minutes of the game and only when Bale scored a fine solo effort did Spurs really come to life and look anything like a top four side; until then they were made to look very average.

Not one City player didn't put in a shift  to be fair it would be unfair to single out any City player because evry single one worked as hard as I have seen all season. 

Andre Villas Boas has his usual crying to the media after the game, this time shouting that Bale should be procted more by referee's,  this is a game of 11 aside football, why should a ref protect anyone player above the other 23 is above me.  We only get to hear statements like this when it concerns those players who are considered to be that bit special,  there are few doubts that Bale is that bit above a lot of players .That will make him a target , it has been like that for donkies years: ask Darren Huckerby he was kicked up hill and down dale, hacked left right and centre, but not once did his manager or the player himself ask for more protection, it is the game get on with it.

Spurs weren't against mixing it up themselves, I lost count of the times little nibbles at ankles, and elbows were used, the ref last night was lenient over a lot of things, it would have been to City advantage if he had blown for the attempted foul on Bale,  play would have stopped just inside the City half, and he wouldn't have ran though and dispatched an unstoppable drive into the net.

You can't have it always Mr AVB ... although you want it that, sour grapes at being made to look average for the second time this season in the league and not to mention the Capitol One Cup..

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