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City Late Show Starts Moyes Whinging

That was a little bit special yesterday not only because we won, because we also saw a more attacking line up, early changes, a player who actually gave the whole crowd a buzz  finally because the players took upon themselves to get the victory.  

Hughton admitted it was difficult, should he be satisfied with a point or go for all three, thankfully the players made his mind up; as I have an inkling we would have come away with 1point and been happy.

We were up against it for long periods when Everton had control, but in truth they didn;t make the most of any of it,  wayward  and very wasteful attempts at finishing. When it mattered we saw a glimspe of the old City that has been missing for most of the season,   that never say die attitude, never giving it up.     More please, even if it means going against the orders.

As for David Moyes, a man I had a lot of time for, but to see his actions and hear him whinging after the game, I have changed my mind a little.   On the pitch he walked up to the ref, seemingly offering to shake his hand and then moved it away in a childish joke manner before startong to voice his complaints






The moaning doesn't stop there, he carries on after over  the amount of time added on at the end,  I have always understood  that this time was the Mimimum amount that had to be played,  should the official see fit he can add more.   Moyes complains that 3 minutes were added and Holt scored on 3 minutes 20 seconds.   

I would have thought the manager of a team that is challenging for a Euro spot would be glad of the extra time to go for the win themselves.   I cannot imagine him moaning had Everton has gone up the City end and scored, he would have probably offered the ref  a HANDshake of a different kind.  

He also forgets that his players were wasting all the time they possibliy could during the second half, that also gets added on in case he forgot that also.

Surely has been in the game long enough to know you don't always get what you deserve out of any game of football,   his players had ample opportunity to have wrapped this game up and wasted the lot,  City came back into it and scored one more than his team.  So if anyone deserves to win,  it is the team that puts the ball into the net the most.   In this case Norwich City...   Grow up, take defeat like a man.  

Perhaps your team isn't quite as good as you and other people think, Europe may be out of your reach and being perfectly honest after watching a host of efforts hit row Z of the Barclay Stand I would say that Neverton rises again


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