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City Make Offer For Wolfwinkel According To Report

Hopefully something to lift a little of the gloom after today's dismal showing and result.

A portugese website has a small story stating that City have made an offer for Wolfwinkel.  to my understanding of the translation   We  offered 10 million euros, 7 mill up front and a further 3 made of  targets goals etc.  A response by Sunday is mentioned.

Here is the google translation: 

English club asked Godinho Lopes response until Sunday. Lions are recetivos sale of the Dutch, but the Norwich only pay seven million in cash.

The Sporting received an offer of 10 million euros for the sale of Van Wolfswinkel, found the DN. The 13. Runners Premier League is willing to pay seven million euros in cash, three million by the goals set.

The Norwich Godinho Lopes asked for a response by Sunday and you know the DN, the Lions president is willing to sell the center-launches Dutch clubs interested demanding an amount between 10 and 15 million euros.

Van Wolfswinkel, remember, was acquired by 5.075 million euros in 2011 and though the Sporting has sold 50% of the economic rights of the Dutch, by 2.537 million euros, and then another 15% for 975 000 euros. The Lions therefore receive only 35% of the possible sale to Norwich.

And the url:


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