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City & Swansea Paid the Price of Success

Now the dust is starting to settle a little, City can see the way forward a tad clearer now, not quite the same for Swansea just yet. Our two clubs have many other things in common, similar size, similar finances etc

But one thing we have shared is,  at the end of the day, City and Swansea paid the price of a successful season. Yes but I suppose  it pays a great compliment to both clubs,  that clubs the size of Villa and Liverpool have taken their managers.  But I am sure we would rather not have that as a compliment.

Now all the media critics eyes will be on Villa Park and Anfield, to see if both Lambert and Rodgers,  can continue their success,  if not the critics will be saying that last season was down to having players that overachieved for each of them, both face a massive task and test of their managerial skills.   Both could have had another season learning a little more before running to a bigger stage.  

While many managers will envy both, there will be those with a little premier savvy won't be so quick to turn green.

As for the fixture-computer pairing Swansea at home to Liverpool and Norwich at home to Villa on the final day of last season, well that’s just a coincidence . However with both Rodgers and Lambert coming out victorious, there’s no doubt that both results did neither manager any harm.   Also is it coincidence too that Lambert's last game for Colchester was agaisnt City ?

Time for both clubs and their supporters to dust themselves down and move onwards, as so many times in the past, we have experienced  that there is life after a manager or a player has left for new pastures; both clubs are no doubt in a far better position than thet were prior to the Lambert era or Rodgers era.

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