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Could We Lose Wolfswinkel if We Are Relegated

I am not sure quite what to believe over the effects of a relegation when it comes to Ricky Van Wolfswinkel, CEO David McNally has said on his Twitter account,  that if City are indeed relegated it will make no difference to RVW transfer, he will continue to be a City player.

Contary to that, RVW's agent has claimed that there is a "Just in Case"  clause in the contract  that entitles Ricky to be able to choose the best solution for his future.

The agent, Louis Laros goes on to say:  "t's only to be expected really, Van Wolfswinkel has World Cup dreams and he's not likely to be selected for the Holland squad going to Brazil if he's playing in the Championship. Given his recent form in Portugal, and increased stature due to the Norwich deal, there's probably a few clubs out there hoping the Canaries face the drop so they can swoop in and get the Dutch striker at a bargain price.

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Like all City Supporters we trust and hope that the scenario of relegation and losing Van Wolfswinkel will not happen and it is just a worry that will go away. But given the very uncomfortable situation we are in at the moment it is a possibility, a horrorible one at that.

I trust that the club will come out more publically and make the position very clear, to ease some of the fears

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