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Couple of News Items Expected

I would not expect much news today, except two stories that we already know inside and out, that RVW will be heading over the channel to try his luck for St Étienne.   Who seemingly have confirmed this, the Frecnh club's  President Ronald Romeyer has said that a total agreement is now in place.

I am a little sadden by his departure, I really would have liked to see what he could do in a team that is looking more attack minded.  I cannot say I  believe the fee that is being quoted of £4.5m,  it is little return on his original price.  I would hope to see that rise if he has a good season.

The other piece of News we can expect is that Gary O'Neill will put pen to paper, we all know O'Neill's story leading up to this move,   many City followers will turn their nose's up at this signing,  being a freebie, thinking the price or lack of it reflects the players worth.  It is not always the case there have been some bargains out there released by clubs, I spoke with a Rangers supporting friend (someone has to do it lolol)  he thought very highly of O'Neill as did many Hoops followers, saying he will do a good job and not let anyone down.

I feel his experience will be a god send on a cold and windy night at places like Rotherham, not a bad thing to have an old head in the middle of the park.

To be honest I do not expect much more in the away of arrivals, Adams has been quoted as saying he is happy with what he has got,  That of course hinges on no more departures as well, surely he will have to pull in a replacement or two should the likes of Fer, Olsson or even Hooper leaves.

If the squad does stay intact now until the window closes, we have enough in there to mount a really serious challenge, many have said that keeping as many together is the only way to go. 

It has been suggested that sale money from Snodgrass has been used in buying Lafferty and Grabban, and that Adams was not given much of a budget, but being charged to keep the squad toegether .

I am unsure I swallow the first part that the money has been spent,   nor am I as sure over the budget either, I cannot see a club who have said they want to go back up at the first attempt, not giving their manager the money to improve the squad, or find replacements for those that leave; doesn't make any sense to me what so ever, but it is football and paying a player £200k a week makes even less.

Many, many stories circulate this time of the year, everybody has heard something (I was assured Tettey was signing for Sunderland, it was all over Sunderland Forums too)  but nothing has been mentioned anywhere that I have read. 

Leroy Fer has been said to be signing for at least 3 clubs along with Hooper, but still no moves have happened as yet. So much have to be taken with a darn great oinch of salt.






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