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Curbishly, Gets City Fans back's Up

With less than a day and half to go before the windows slams shut,  clubs are clamouring to get their players in and out.   A big kerfuffle was flashing over the internet in this corner of the Country, when Alan Curbishley was supposed to have implied  on Sky Sports, that Chris Hughton would have to go with what he has got, as he had spent his transfer budget.

Many City fans took to Social network sites and messageboards to post their views, many of which where not so complimentary, also sharing that they were worried that we are bodies down in the striking department.

Why take notice of man who isn't really involved with football much more than you or I, just doing TV work for Sky and perhaps a supporter of a team somewhere.

If you look at this  little more calmly,  it doesn't make any sense, why would Hughton say only yesterday that they were looking at bringing in a striker ?  

Why would he raise expectation of the supporters knowing he was going to be letting them down. hardly away of building confidence and trust; he wants everyone of us onside

Since when has Hughton shared the private dealings of a football club with and ex manager and TV personality, hardly likely when City have more than once stressed they like to do all thier dealings in private, he wouldn't suddenly announce to the world that he was finsihed.

The whole of the City set up from Boardroom down know's Hughton wants a striker, we know it, along with them we see the importance of bringing in a suitable player, so they are hardly likely to take any announcements so lightly to share with someone like Curbishley.

Sky sports do a reasonable job of reporting the football news, but sometimes when they enter the area of rumour and suggestion they are not always as good and reliable, this is no more than one ex manager's view and gusstimate.

It isn't over until 11pm tomorrow night and we should listen to what and when the club make any announcements, only then will I personally believe it or anything else

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