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David McNally Tweets Over Holt's Request

David McNally has spoken over Grant Holt's Transfer request, using his Twitter account Mr McNally issued the following:

Using his twitter account @davidmcnally62, the chief executive said:

“We did receive a transfer request from Grant Holt yesterday. It was rejected immediately.

“At your club, we deal with the out of contract players first of all when each season ends.

“We then deal with players where the club may have an option to extend their contracts. This season, there are several in this category.

“We are almost at the end of this part of our end of season process but we still have some work to do.

“We will then gladly meet with other players and their representatives, including those that may have time left on their contracts.

“We haven’t had any discussions yet with any player/agent who has time left on their contract. This is entirely normal at this stage.

“Players with time left on their contracts will only leave NCFC if we are happy for them to do so.

“The article in today’s Sun is completely inaccurate and incorrect. There has been no offer made to any in contract player, at this stage.

“We have not had an argument or row with any player, including Grant. The club is very grateful to all of the players for another great year.

“I repeat, no new deal has been discussed with any in contract player, including Grant. The figures in the Sun article are wildly inaccurate.

“The most important activity currently underway at NCFC is Adam Drury’s testimonial on tuesday. Please buy a ticket. Please RT

“If you believe the Sun, we are ‘plunged into chaos’. On the contrary, we are very relaxed with managing the end of season activities.”

So just what are the supporters left to think of this news that shocked us to the core ?   Holt has clearly has his head turned by someone; he has gone from being settled and happy with his family, and hoping Paul Lambert would still be at the club when he comes back after the summer break.

Mr McNally makes it abundantly clear there has been no talks with contracted player or their Agents,  what are we left to think, that his agent has told Holt that he can get a better elsewhere if City won't give him another better deal.  It appears he may have shot his bolt a little early, seeing as he hasn't spoken to the club and will not know what they will offer. 

Simply by playing the transfer request card will alert all interested parties and then we can see what develops, and let's be honest who wouldn't want a player who has just had a very impressive goal scoring debut season.  Just about all except the top six or so clubs. 

People say they can't blame him for wanting better deals, true he may not be in the highest paid player bracket, but he is still dam well paid,  and was happy with that only a few days ago.  As much as I love the guy, in many ways he has been Mr Norwich City to me, I am starting to think someone has gotten a little above themselves.

many have left this part of the world only to find that the grass that looked greener most certainly wasn't and quickly turns brown

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