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Did Robson step over the mark ?

First of all, I am only6 acting as a type of messenger, reporting what I have read...  this was reported in the Mirror today regarding  the sacking of Mark Robson.

The Mirror claim that Neil Adams sacked his first team coach after he undermined him in the dressing room after saturday's terrible defeat at Nottingham Forest. The report states that Robson let fly at the team in front of Adams.  If this is true then Robson was acting as manager without Adams consent.


Here is a scanned image of the article


To be honest, the players deserved much more after those two games, perhaps a withholding of a couple of weeks wages would not have been out of order either.   I would imagine Robson was as equally angry as what Adams was, perhaps not being able to hold his temper in check, he has invested nigh on as much as anyone else of the coaching team into the squad.

Again I repeat we have no idea at all of knowing if this is true,   if  Adams is losing credability and in an effort to stop that progressing further this  action was taken.  

I don't know what to make of the whole scenario,  the club is silent on the matter but they cannot be angry or upset when rumours such as this hit the media; they are the ones who know the actual case of events  they choose to remain tight lipped as is their right. But I believe the fans have some right to know what is happening at their club, they are the ones who will be buttered up to shell out again on one the highest priced season tickets, also pay thousands of pounds on away trips where they are once again being short changed.

We have also heard that Neil Adams is still keen on bringing coach Steve Foley back to the club from those down the road. I hope that this is just another one of those silly rumours, like  hearing Nigel Worthington will be brought back in an advisory role

Something is not working inside the club, it needs sorting out NOW.


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