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Digest...Bye Snoddy, Astounding Bid Rumour, and Troy

Bye then Snoddy, hope it goes well for you back in the premier league, I really do.   I personally did not rate Snodgrass as highly as some, but wiull never fault the attitude and effort.   But as Neil Adams says on the Official site

"He's one that we would have liked to have stayed, but the financial figures involved have made it a deal we had to do."

That sort of money for a player with months left on a contract that he has said he would not renew, the deal was simply good business. 

That is the first out of the door for a fee, how many more will we see before the wondow shuts ?    With all the rumours and paper talk about City being interested in strikers, no mention of the other areas that reinforcements are needed. It does lead me to think that the 3 strikers on the books, RVW, Hooper and Becchio could all be pulling on a different shirt come August.

The following two rumours help to prove my point about strikers. First City are said to have bid £5 million for Troy Deeny of Watford,   I cannot see Watford allowing a prized assest like Deeny leave to a rival for £5mill, they would want to squeeze more out than that from any club. They narrowily missed out in the play off's last season they will clearly have their own aspirations of promotion.

On to the next,  astounding report   that City and Fulham are bidding in the region of £10 mill for Leeds stiker Ross McCormack, who is said not to have joined the Leeds pre season tour squad, just adds fuel to the fire.

But £10 mill for a championship player from another championship club/s does seem a little unlikely, but City follower Mick Dennis works at the paper, and surely he would put a stop to any far fetched stories, but he hasn't in the past so why now.

What is even more astounding is that City never spent that money on one player when in the Premiership, you just have to ask why would they now, when we have proven scorers at a lower level in house.  I would like to see a report or two about a central defender or more along with a midfielder or two coming in.

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