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Dire, Not A Promotion Performence

As I write the game is still going on,  standing at 4-0  the worst defeat for a while,  This just adds to gloom that had started to build after such a bad run, not the time to be on the end of such a scoreline. A lot of the good work done earlier in the season is being undone as we continue to drop down the table out of the top six

It isn't so much about losing it is about the players not turning up sounding not interested and making terrible mistakes all over the park.  I have to question the tactics, playing against the form team in the league, who sounded they wanted it more than City players.  Heads should be held low, they have given an absolute dire performence, which is not the mark of a group of players who proclaim to serious contenders

Russell Martin is not and never has been a long term centre half, he has proved he can be a useful stand it, but the fact shows after a run of games.  As I said he can play there but it is a different ball game to change positions like that. Adam has brought in 3 centre halfs and uses a full back.. Amazes me ... he has a lot questions now and starting to look he doesn't have the answers



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